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PA Hire for Events

Our Gig Gear provides an affordable and accessible alternative for community groups, young bands and artists who need a PA (sound system) for events. Gig Gear can be used for small concerts or as a public address system for a variety of events and productions.

Gig Gear is available to not-for-profit organisations, community groups, charities and young people for non-commercial events that are open to the community (sorry, no backyard parties!). There are two different sized kits available, the hire fees are as follows:

MIPRO - $50 (+ $150 bond)
SMALL Gig Gear - $100 (+$200 bond)

The deposit is fully refunded with the safe return of the Gig Gear.

If you are interested in using the Gig Gear or would like to know more about it email or phone Customer Services on 8930 0300. Once availability has been checked and a tentative booking is made, hirers can download the paperwork here -

Completed hire agreements and deposit return forms can be emailed to

Need help deciding which PA is right for you?

Click on the tabs to learn more about the PA gear available to help you choose which is right for you.

Mipro 708 
  • All in one speaker on wheels with retractable handle
  • Runs off a rechargeable battery for portable use
  • Comes with one vocal microphone (with 3.5m cable)
  • Offers two inputs – plug in either two mics, two instruments or one of each
  • Suitable for a small crowd of around 50-100 people max

Some examples of what the Mipro is great for:

  • MCs, welcome to country and other speeches to small crowds
  • Playing pre-recorded music from phones, laptops, ipods or CDs
  • Solo singers using a pre-recorded backing track or with one instrument eg keyboard or guitar
  • Walking tours of historical sites or gardens (on paths or firm, dry ground)   

mipro portable amp

Small PA system
  • Includes a four channel mixer, speakers, 2 vocal mics, 1 x instrument mic, 2 x DIs, leads and stands
  • Suitable for crowds of up to around 250/300 people
  • A professional sound technician is required to set up and run this PA

Some examples of what the Small PA system is great for:

  • Speakers or comedians for events with medium sized / noisy crowds
  • DJs for functions (though not suitable for excessive bass)
  • Soloists, duos or small bands with acoustic instruments or one or two electric instruments at most
  • Please note this PA is not suitable for amplifying drums, or a wall of DJ bass

Jaxon De Santis using the small PA system

If you need assistance deciding which size Gig Gear is right for your event please contact the technical manager on 0491 283 311. Unfortunately the technical manager is unable to assist with booking or payment enquiries.

Please note to use the Gig Gear:

  • The event must take place within the Darwin municipality
  • The event must be non-commercial in nature and open to the community to attend
  • The hirer must have public liability insurance
  • The Gig Gear cannot be loaned out to a hirer until the hire agreement, deposit return form, public liability insurance certificate and payment have all been provided
  • The small Gig Gear requires a sound technician to set  up and operate
  • Unless previously agreed with the technical manager, Gig Gear is to be transported in an enclosed vehicle. The SMALL Gig Gear fits in a station wagon or large sedan. 

Equipment specifications for sound experts:

Small PA Speakers Specs 2 x RCF210s and 2 x Tapco

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