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Promotional Banners

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City of Darwin has provisions for banners to be displayed at designated locations around Darwin to promote community events. Horizontal banner sites are available as well as street light banner locations.

Street Light Banners

City of Darwin manages a program of banner displays on street light poles in the Darwin municipality for community events.

If you would like further details or to book spaces, please contact our Customer Experience team 

08 8930 0300

Static Banner Sites

There are 5 locations designated for static, horizontal banner displays across Darwin, some with multiple spaces.  Details about each site can be found below. 

More information

To find out more about booking banner sites and to check availability, please contact our Customer Experience team

 08 8930 0300

Application to display a banner

Static Banner Pricing (per week)

Non Profit: $51
Commercial: $172
Release Fee: $137
Cancellation fee: $26

Gardens Oval Banner Site

This banner site is located on the outside of Gardens Oval at the intersection of Gilruth Avenue and Gardens Road, The Gardens. Four spaces are available at this site (see diagram below for site references)



5m x 1m per space or two sites 10m x 1m 

Application Form

Stuart Highway between Amy Johnson & Farrell Crescent

This banner site is located on the left hand side inbound on the Stuart Highway, Winnellie. It is suitable for two small banners or one large banner.


  • 6m x 1m maximum (small banner)

Application Form

Corner McMillans and Bagot Road

This banner site is located at on the corner of McMillans and Bagot Road, Millner. It is suitable for two small banners or one large banner*. 


  • 5m x 1m maximum (small banner)
  • 10m x 1m maximum (large banner)

Application Form

Bagot/Ludmilla Overpass (outbound only)

Banners can be displayed on the outbound side of the overpass near Ludmilla Primary School on Bagot Road, Ludmilla.


10m x 1m maximum

Application Form

Trower Rd Overpass (inbound and outbound)

This banner site is located on Trower Road near the Water Gardens, Jingili. Only one banner can be displayed at a time on the inbound and outbound locations.


10m x 1m maximum

Application Form

Important Information:

  • The commercial rate is for events or functions organised by community groups (i.e. non-profit) and not for commercial business houses promoting commercial events/activities.
  • All fees are to be paid in advance of the date that the banner is to be put up. Cancellation during this period will result in the hirer being liable for all charges (Council reserves the right to waive this imposition). The booking is not confirmed until all fees are paid.
  • Should City of Darwin need to remove your banner if you haven’t done so by sunset on the last display date, a release fee may be charged and be payable by the hirer.
  • There is a maximum period of hire, for 3 weeks at any 2x banner sites, or for 2 weeks at any 3x banner sites.
  • Hirer is responsible for placing and removal of their banners.
  • Banner is not to be padlocked to the site.
  • Sponsor advertising including the name and/or logo must not exceed 25% of the total area of the banner.
  • Draft of banner must be submitted for approval.
  • A ladder may be required to assist with the installation of banners at certain sites.
  • The banner must have a rope threaded through the top and bottom of the banner from one end to the other. The rope is needed to ensure the banner is correctly secured and does not fold up, obscuring the message or the banner.

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