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Planning an Event

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This is your step by step guide on how to get started, how to apply, and how City of Darwin can help you plan a successful event.

Download a copy of the Event Planning Guide here.

Darwin is so lucky to enjoy an outdoor tropical lifestyle and we use it to our advantage every chance we get.

If you’d like to stage a special event, or a public event at a location owned or managed by the City of Darwin, such as a park, reserve or indoor facility, then you will need approval from the Council before the event can go ahead.

This guide takes you through the application process step by step and also provides some additional information to help you to plan a successful event.

The information sourced throughout your application will assist Council staff with ensuring that all insurances, environmental health guidelines, council guidelines and permissions are granted for your event. It also allows City of Darwin staff to adequately prepare the site for the function and ensures that programmed events do not conflict with other such events or capital works in the area.

Download a copy of the Event Application/Permit here.

Outlining your event details in writing will not only help you to get organised for your event it will also help you communicate your plans with your staff, volunteers and stakeholders.

City of Darwin requires event organisers to submit a current copy of their Public Liability Insurance at the time of application. 

Are you looking for support or sponsorship from Council but aren’t sure who to ask? We have several avenues through which it helps or partners with groups and organisations. Discover your options...

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