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Event Details

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Outlining your event details in writing will not only help you to get organised for your event it will also help you communicate your plans with your staff, volunteers and stakeholders.

Event Proposal

Whether you are celebrating with family and friends, fundraising for an important cause, or entertaining the community there is always a good reason for holding an event. City of Darwin is very interested to find out more about your event – please use this section of your application form to tell us:

  • Why are you having an event?
  • Who will you be attracting to your event?
  • Can you provide a brief description of what sort of equipment you will be using?
  • What sorts of activities will be involved throughout your event?


Our parks and reserves are excellent venues for everything from family get-togethers to festivals, open air meetings, sunset functions and other corporate and community events. You'll find some of our biggest and most popular parks right here. Discover what we have on offer and more.

Also available are our Event Venue Maps:

  • Smith Street Mall Map
  • Civic Park Map (coming soon)
  • Bicentennial Park Map (coming soon)
  • East Point Map (coming soon)
  • Jingili Water Gardens Map (coming soon)
  • Nightcliff Foreshore Map (coming soon)

Event Types & Notice Periods

We encourage you (as the organiser) to select the category for your event to help us prioritise and process your application – this also provides you with a guide on how much notice we recommend you give us to help us process and get ready for your event.

NOTE: Numbers of patrons are a guide only – we ask you to select the category that is most relevant to your event including all parameters.

Event Type Scope of the Event Example Notice Period
Low Scale

0-500 people / one day event / no road closures /no more than two marquees / no more than two food vans / no portable toilets or trailers

Weddings, birthday parties

10 business



500-1,000 people / food vendors or licensed areas / up to 5 x items of infrastructure (marquees, food vans, portable toilets, inflatables, stages) / minor road closures or public transport disruptions

Organised walks, activation events, community celebrations

4 weeks


1,000-7,000 people / food vendors or licensed areas / minor road closures or public transport disruptions / up to 10 items of infrastructure (marquees, food vans, portable toilets, inflatables, stages)

Fun runs, markets in The Mall, small festivals

3 months


Over 7,000 people / food vendors or licensed areas /

multiple event sites and days / large infrastructure builds

Large festivals, military events, music festivals

6 months

When you give us appropriate notice we are able to:

  • Assess conflicting bookings
  • Assess your event documents
  • Confirm you will have access to power or water if required
  • Check in with our Parks, Traffic Control Works and Environment Teams
  • Check in with agencies such as NTPolice, NT Licensing, NTFRS, DIPL, Public Transport
  • When we issue your permit we can let our grounds crews know to modify maintenance schedules around your event – such as mowing, irrigation, parks and cleaning.

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