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E-scooters are a great option for commuters, providing a quick, environmentally friendly and inexpensive mode of transport to move around the city.

If you have any questions or concerns about e-scooters, including poorly parked scooters, user behaviour, and collisions, accidents or injuries associated with e-scooters contact the provider customer service.

Phone: 08 7701 9555



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If you have feedback on the trial of e-scooters in Darwin please contact City of Darwin

Q & A

Who is responsible for the e-scooters?

Neuron is operating the trial of e-scooters in Darwin. They are responsible for any issues to do with the scooters.
Neuron staff will:

  • collect scooters and return them to parking stations
  • replace batteries as required
How do I contact Neuron?

Neuron can be contact via phone, email or the app - you can also visit the website for further details:

08 7701 9555

Download on the Apple Store     

Can I be fined on an e-scooter?

You must follow the road rules when using e-scooters. Go to the NTG website for more information.




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