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Can you keep a secret?

No matter your age, the young and young at heart can get involved in #secretkidsbusiness...

Want to learn more about #secretkidsbusiness? You've come to the right place, everything we know is right here.

What is #secretkidsbusiness?

We can't tell you everything, but we need your help.

We're building a city, a cardboard city and we need you to be our master builders. You will be helping to complete a key component of #secretkidsbusiness and we reckon you'll have fun doing it!

#secretkidsbusiness is for anyone and everyone who willing to get involved, no matter your age!

Why a cardboard city? 

We want to celebrate National Children’s Week by encouraging our children and families to build a beautiful, unique and colourful city using cardboard boxes. This way we can inspire them to be involved in ‘building’ our city and working with each other right from the start! The cardboard city is also an adventure into the world of recycling and is an easy for families to be creative!

There is more to this…but we can’t tell you yet because it’s #secretkidsbusiness. It will all come together at our #secretkidsbusiness event on

Friday 20 October 2017 
10.00am to 1.00pm
Civic Park

*The Cardboard City will remain on display until 5pm.

Get involved in #secretkidsbusiness

Whatever your skills or time available, there are a few ways you can get involved in the project

  1. Donate cardboard
    • We need large pieces of cardboard, either boxes or other cardboard.
    • Please do not donate boxes that show advertising for alcohol, cigarettes, junk food.
  2. Create and Donate
    • Create something for the #secretkidsbusiness cardboard city and bring it to the Civic Centre.
    • Get your friends and colleages involved with your own master-builder workshop
  3. Join a Workshop
  4. Put our #secretkidsbusiness event in your diary
    • Come and see the cardboard city come to life on Friday 20 October in Civic Park.

How to build your own

We've put together some handy specifications and tips to help you get on your way and start building. All you need to do is

Download the specs sheet

  • Prepare your materials 
  • Get building
  • Drop your finished products to the Civic Centre, Harry Chan Ave

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