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KROC Awards

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The Kids Reading Oz Choice (KROC) Awards is an opportunity to nominate your favourite Australian authors.

Each year since 1990, City of Darwin Libraries organise and host the The Kids Reading Oz Choice (KROC) Awards which gives children across the Northern Territory the chance to vote and celebrate their favourite Australian author and favourite Australian book. By voting in the KROC Awards they can reward the Australian children's books that have most inspired, amused, terrified, enlightened and engaged them.

The KROC Awards encourage reading across all ages and in many genres as well as acknowledging many talented Australian authors.

Children can vote across 4 categories:

  • Picture Story Books
  • Fiction for Younger Readers
  • Fiction for Older Readers
  • Fiction for Years 7 to 9

Congratulations to the 2019 Kroc Award Winners:

Picture Storybooks
Seriously Do Not Open This Book by Andy Lee

Fiction For Younger Readers
Bad Guys Episode 7: Do-you-think-he-saurus?! by Aaron Blabey

Fiction For Older Readers
The 104-Storey Treehouse by  Andy Griffiths

Fiction For Years 7 to 9
Maybe by Morris Gleitzman

Voting closes on Sunday 4 October 2020. Winners will be announced on Friday 9 October on City of Darwin Libraries website. We have a very snappy friend announcing the KROC winners 2020!!!

Please include at least one form of contact (in case we need to get in touch)

Please select 1 book only in a category. You may vote in 1 category or more if you wish.

Section One: Picture Story Books

Select your favourite (only one per section).

Section Two: Fiction for Younger Readers

Select your favourite (one per section).

Section Three: Fiction for Older Readers

Select your favourite (one per section).

Section Four: Fiction for Years 7-9

Select your favourite (one per section).

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