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City of Darwin Libraries Membership Guidelines

1. Aim of the Guidelines

  • To facilitate access to the collections and services of City of Darwin Libraries.
  • To establish a standard as a basis for library procedure.

2. Purpose of the Guidelines

  • To establish clear guidelines for access to, and usage of, the collections and services of City of Darwin Libraries.
  • To develop consistency and efficiency in City of Darwin Libraries’ customer service.

3. Types of Membership

Adult Membership

NT residents over the age of 16 may be given adult membership on presentation of acceptable photo ID and proof of NT residential address.

Parents/guardians of persons under 18 years who are joining as adults but not living independently must be advised their child has taken out membership.

Child Membership

For the purposes of the guidelines ‘child’ means a person less than 16 years but also includes 16 and 17 year old who are unable to produce acceptable photo ID.

Children whose parents are NT residents may become members provided

  • The parent/guardian can produce acceptable photo ID and proof of NT residential address.
  • The new membership card is signed by the parent/guardian.

Online Access Membership

NT residents who do not plan to visit the libraries can choose to apply for an Online Access Membership. This membership provides access to online collections only, including ebooks, eaudiobooks, digital magazines and other online databases.

Online Access Members can upgrade their membership to Adult or Child Membership for full borrowing and computer use privileges on presentation of acceptable photo ID and proof of permanent NT residential address.

Temporary Membership

Temporary Membership facilitates access to the collections and services of City of Darwin libraries for visitors and individuals with no permanent NT address.

Visitors/new residents may register as Temporary Members on payment of a security deposit of $65. The security deposit of $50 is refundable. $15 is non-refundable.

The following ID/documentation must be produced:

  • Photo ID e.g. driver’s licence, passport, 18+ card
  • Residential address in the NT (verbally supplied)
  • Contact phone number and email (verbally supplied)
  • Permanent residential address in Australia or overseas (verbally supplied).

Temporary Members do not have access to the inter-library loan service.

Refund of security deposit ($50)

  • A security deposit refund will be arranged on presentation of the library card, photo ID and receipt, within twelve months since date of issue.
  • The refund will only be processed if all items have been returned.
  • A cash refund will only be paid at the library where the Temporary Member has signed up and if cash is available. Otherwise a cheque refund will be arranged.
  • Library member to sign receipt acknowledging refund.
  • The refund is forfeited twelve months from membership commencement.
  • The security deposit cannot be used to cover the replacement cost of a lost or damaged item either in part or in full. The replacement cost of the item must be paid for in full before the security deposit can be refunded.

Institutional membership

For NT institutions e.g. nursing homes, crèches

Institutions may apply for institutional membership on completion of the Institutional Membership Application Form.

Two permanent employees of the institution who are in positions of responsibility, and who are willing to accept personal responsibility for items borrowed in the name of the institution, must sign the form.

4. Acceptable photo ID and proof of permanent NT residential address

Photo identification is to include cardholders name and photo.  For example:

  • Current NT driver’s licence
  • Defence Force ID
  • Student card
  • Interstate drivers licence
  • Work ID card
  • Passport
  • 18+ card.

Proof of permanent NT residential address requires current documentation verifying residence in the NT. Any official business letter showing a name matching the provided photo ID and a permanent NT residential address is accepted.

For example:

  • Current NT driver’s licence
  • Health Care card
  • Pension card
  • Enrolment to vote card
  • Lease agreement
  • Phone, power, water bill
  • Bank statement.

Persons unable to provide proof of a permanent NT residential address are eligible to apply for temporary or online access memberships.

5. Loan limits

A total of 20 physical items including books, magazines, audiobooks, DVDs and CDs can be on loan at any given time per member (excluding online access members).

In addition members may loan

  • 10 Overdrive ebooks
  • 8 BorrowBox ebooks
  • 8 BorrowBox eaudiobooks
  • Unlimited access to all other online library resources such as emagazines, research databases and Busythings.

6. Loan periods

Books, audiobooks 4 weeks
Magazines, DVDs,  Music CDs  2 weeks
OverDrive ebooks 3 weeks
BorrowBox ebooks, eaudiobooks 2 weeks

7. Requesting items from the City of Darwin Libraries collection

  • All items available for loan within the City of Darwin Libraries system may be requested, including items on loan, items available on the shelf, and new items that are still on order. There is no charge for this service.
  • Items can be requested in person, or by using the Click and Collect service via the online catalogue.
  • You will be contacted when the items are ready for collection.

8. Suggest an item

  • If we do not have an item you would like, you can suggest an item for purchase.
  • The library will purchase the items if they are deemed appropriate for the collection and of interest to other customers. The Libraries reserve the right not to proceed with a suggestion to purchase.
  • The Libraries source items from vendors in conjunction with collection guidelines. Efforts will be made to source an item as soon as possible.
  • Customers will only be notified if an item is obtained by the Libraries.
  • If the item is older, specialised or doesn’t fit our collection guidelines, we can try to borrow it from another library through inter-library loan. A fee of $16.50 may apply to some loans.

9. Inter-library loans

  • Inter-library loans are only available to permanent library members and are not to be re-lent to any other person or organisation.
  • The Libraries will not inter-library loan best sellers, romance paperbacks, reference, CDs, audiobooks, DVDs, textbooks, books published before 1900, items in high demand or published in the last 12 months.
  • The Libraries do not inter-library loan for formal study purposes unless the item is available from an NT Public Library.
  • A $16.50 fee applies for interstate inter-library loans. Items must be returned by the given due date. Customers are liable for any costs associated with late returns, cancelled and uncollected items.
  • Inter-library loans cannot be automatically renewed.
  • Where an inter-library loan item is lost, damaged or not returned, the replacement cost of the item and a $65.00 processing fee will be charged.
  • The Libraries reserve the right not to proceed with an inter-library loan.

10. Renewing items

  • Items (excluding inter-library loans) will be automatically renewed once, on the due date, provided they have not been requested by other members.
  • Items (excluding inter-library loans) can be renewed once, either online/by phone/in person at any time before the due date provided they have not been requested by other members, and have not already been renewed.

11. Overdue items

  • An invoice/final notice will be issued after the item becomes seven days overdue.
  • Membership privileges (including internet access and attendance at library activities that require bookings) will be suspended until invoiced items are either returned or paid for.

12. Lost or damaged items

  • Items that are lost or damaged incur a replacement cost of the item plus a processing fee.
  • Membership privileges (including internet access and attendance at library activities that require bookings) will be suspended until items are returned or paid for.

13. Public access computers

  • Computer use is in accordance with City of Darwin Libraries’ Public Computer and Internet Conditions of Use.
  • Members may book for one hour of free internet access per day. Additional time may be booked depending on availability, up to a maximum daily limit of two hours.
  • Charges for printing are in accordance with Council’s Fees and Charges.

14. Borrowing without a library card

  • The card must be presented when borrowing items.

15. Lost or stolen cards

  • Lost or stolen cards may be replaced on presentation of acceptable photo ID at any City of Darwin Library.

16. Members responsibilities

By signing their own, or their child’s membership card, members agree to:

17. Cancellation of membership

  • Members who wish to cancel their membership should notify City of Darwin Libraries of their intention either by phone or in person.

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