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Parking & Roads

Managing Darwin's roads and parking spaces is part of what we do.

Whether you're after the latest on CBD parking, or looking for maintenance information for your street, you'll find it here. We look after over 400 km of local roads, storm water, footpaths and driveways as well as car parking options throughout the CBD and surrounds.

Find everything you need to know about parking in the CBD and suburbs of Darwin

Whether its an off-street location or information on how to pay, you'll find it here.

We maintain an extensive network of roads, footpaths, driveways, drains and walkways.

Activities include tree planting, tree pruning, road & path maintenance, driveway inspections and repairs or replacement.

City of Darwin - Smart Parking

Real time parking availability in the CBD through our Smart parking sensors.

Find available parking bays real time across the CBD using our 252 in-ground smart parking sensors. 

If you notice an abandoned vehicle in your neighbourhood you can report it directly to Council. City of Darwin has regulations in place to remove, or force owners to remove, vehicles abandoned within the municipality.

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