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Smart Parking

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Find available parking bays real time across the CBD using our 252 in-ground smart parking sensors. 

The Council operates several on-street and off-street car parks throughout the municipality. City of Darwin recently introduced in-ground sensors across 252 bays in the city. These sensors are installed in key locations within the CBD including West Lane, Austin Lane, Esplanade, Knuckey and Bennett Streets. This provides The Council the data to better understand parking trends and plan for future parking requirements.

The sensors record vehicle arrival and departure times, and real-time occupancy or availability. The data is relayed to the city intelligence dashboard, the public car parking map for residents and Council rangers.

On-Street Parking Fees

The CBD has three different on-street parking zones. Our parking map is a great way to find the location of a zone to suit your needs.

All parking zones are patrolled regularly for vehicles to ensure a valid payment is made.

There is no overnight fee for on-street parking. Parking is free for after hours, weekends and public holidays.

  Zone A Zone B Zone C
Fee $2.50 per hour $1.80 per hour

$1.30 per hour

$7.50 (max daily charge) 

Max time allowed Two (2) hours Three (3) hours All day (8.00am - 5.00pm)
Weekday parking
payment hours
Mon - Fri
8.00am - 5.00pm
Mon - Fri
8.00am - 5.00pm
Mon - Fri
8.00am - 5.00pm
Other zones a valid
ticket can be used
Zones A, B and C Zones B and C Zone C only
How does Smart Parking  work?

The in-ground sensors detect vehicle arrivals, occupancy and departure activities within the car park bay. This data is relayed in regular intervals and transmitted through IoT technology networks and is stored and displayed on the Smart Parking cloud platform.

This information is then shared on the public map and city intelligence platform displaying real time status of parking bays.

Where are the parking sensors located?

Our Smart Parking in-ground sensors are installed in the main car parking areas around 250 bays in the CBD including West Lane, Austin Lane, Esplanade, Knuckey and Bennett Street. For a detailed view please refer the Smart Parking Map.

What do the coloured icons displayed in the carpark map mean?

Green indicates bay availability, red indicates bay occupancy.

This project is currently on a trial phase, any feedback, comments or questions about  City of Darwin’s Smart Parking system can be directed to 

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