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Street & Public Lights

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There are more than 9500 public and street lights throughout the municipality. 

City of Darwin maintains public and streetlights across the Darwin municipality. We are currently rolling out a number of new, smarter initiatives aimed at reducing power costs and creating more efficient maintenance processes. This includes existing lighting to be replaced with LED lighting.

Reporting Faulty Street and Public Lights

If you notice a street light that requires maintenance, you can report it directly to City of Darwin maintenance contractors online or by phone. Where a light is found to be faulty through a maintenance request we will endeavour to replace the light with a more efficient LED light.

Report a street light fault

08 8946 5444

Our Smart Lighting Initiatives

In April 2019 we started implementing our Public Lighting Upgrade Program to upgrade existing lights to new and smarter technology - and all suburbs expect to be switched over to LED by April 2021. Under the program, all street and public lights are being replaced with:

  • more technologically advanced, increased optical performance and cost effective LED lighting
  • smart controls that will enable easy and fast fault reporting and maintenance

This program will not only lead to more efficient maintenance processes, moving to more efficient LED lighting will reduce power costs and emissions by up to 47%.

The new LED lights being installed feature smart controls for operation via City of Darwin’s smart control system.

Below is a close-up view of an LED with a Smart Control. The controller enables City of Darwin to monitor the energy use of individual lights, fault occurrences and operating times. Remote operating commands can also be applied to control the light. The system will provide efficiencies for the community in terms of maintenance response times, asset management practices and energy consumption across the network. The controls do not incorporate cameras or CCTV.

street light controlsstreet light control inset

For other enquiries phone City of Darwin  08 8930 0300


Some of the street/public lights in my area look brighter than others, why is this?

As we begin upgrading or replacing existing lights to LEDs some lights will look brighter than others. This is because LEDs are brighter than traditional lighting, as well as being more energy efficient.

What are the benefits of implementing smart controls on street and public lighting?

Smart technology is self-aware, meaning it will be able to detect faults and report them as soon as they occur. This will improve our service delivery to the community by minimising the need to manually report any issues with street and public lighting.  

When will my suburb make the switch to LED?

City of Darwin are 90% completed and on track to be fully switched on with LEDs within 2 years of our start date. 

Do the streetlight Smart Controls contain cameras?

No, the control does not contain a camera or CCTV capabilities. The controllers monitor energy usage, fault occurrences and operating times. They also allow for remote operation. 

Do the streetlight Smart Controls use 5G?

No, the radio technology used for the street lighting controls is a Low Power radio network in the regulated 918-920MHz ISM bandwidth, it only transmits at 500mW (10 x Less than the power permitted for CB Radios which is 5W).

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