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If you have a problem with public safety or anti-social behaviour in and around walkways, you should call the Police on 131 444.

In March 2015  Council adopted a revised Walkway Policy - No 056. The policy was developed in response to concerns expressed regarding anti-social behaviour in walkways. The purpose of the policy is to provide guidance in relation to the management of City of Darwin's walkways.

Under the policy walkways that are currently closed will remain closed, those that are open will stay open and those that have current night time closures will continue to operate in that way.

We will continue to work closely with residents, relevant authorities and stakeholders to address public safety issues rather than closing more walkways. We will also review the closed walkways to determine their most appropriate long term use.

Maintaining the Walkway Network

We will continue to maintain the existing network of walkways across the municipality, including lighting, routine cleaning, pruning and removal of graffiti. We however will not contribute towards any fencing costs if a residential or private fence abuts a walkway.

Report a Maintenance Issue

If you would like to report a maintenance issue with a walkway then please contact Council on:

Report an issue

08 8930 0300

City of Darwin is proposing to divest of a number of public walkways in the Karama area, following requests from adjacent residents to purchase the land.

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