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Proposal to Divest of (Sell) Permanently Closed Public Walkways

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City of Darwin is proposing to divest of a number of public walkways in the Karama area, following requests from adjacent residents to purchase the land.

Each of the identified walkways have been closed for a number of years as a result of antisocial behaviour and all walkways have been assessed as not to be reopened in the future.

In accordance with section 187 of the Local Government Act, Council is required to consult with the community prior to seeking approval from the Minister for Local Government to divest of public walkways.

Should the Minister approve the sale of the public walkways, these will be offered for sale to each of the adjacent residents based the current market value of the land.

Refer to the attached notice for more information on three Walkways in Karama under consideration.

If you have any further queries in regard this matter please email the Property Officer at or telephone 8930 0300.

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