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Cat Traps

If you are having problems with stray or feral cats in your area, a cat trap may be of assistance.

Cat Traps

Cat traps are available to Darwin residents for the primary purpose of trapping stray or feral cats.

Borrowing Cat Traps

If you would like to borrow a Council cat trap for use on your property, please call City of Darwin's Animal Pound on (08) 8947 2099. A Cat Trap Loan Form will need to be completed.

We hire out cat traps at no charge but should the trap be returned in a damaged condition or not returned at all, you will be charged $70.00 to cover costs.

Please note: that at times of high demand for this service, there may be a waiting list.

Trapped cats must be delivered to the City of Darwin Animal Pound, located at Boulter Road Berrimah.

Neighbourhood Cats

Cats are usually well loved members of a family. However, even a pet cat that is well fed and looked after may still roam and hunt. This means that you may often see your neighbour's cat in your yard. If you are having problems with a neighbour's cat wandering into your yard, we recommend that you discuss the matter with them first. Where you cannot get in contact or are unable to discuss this with them, please contact us for advice on 08 8930 0606.


We have well-established processes designed to resolve issues in a manner that takes into account the needs, rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.

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