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Fireworks and thunderstorms

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Loud noises like fireworks and thunderstorms are one of the most prevalent phobias in animals. Many pets demonstrate destructive behaviour, escape from their properties and injure themselves.

Pets get freaked out by fireworks and thunderstorms so keep your pet safe and secure. 

Tips to help your pet through a fireworks event or thunderstorm.

  • Do not punish your pet for exhibiting this behaviour during times of stress.
  • Allow your animal to come inside your house or provide your pet with a kennel or sound proof area - bricks, foam lined kennel or crate.
  • Use comfort items such as pheromones, favourite toys or blankets.
  • Play music or leave the TV on to create white noise and change of focus. This will also help to block out the distressing noise.
  • Include your pet in your cyclone emergency response - including pet transport, food and water.
  • Be tactile, dogs will look for reassurance from owners therefore giving them a pat or showing affection will calm an animal.
  • Avoid leaving your pets home alone.
  • Make sure that your boundary fences and gates are secure and that your pet cannot readily escape through them or over them.
  • Register your pet. Ensure that your pet wears identification, particularly a microchip.

In cases of severe anxiety, see your vet for prescription sedatives

If you do lose your pet call Council’s Territory Day hotline  08 8989 2843

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