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There are a small number of Indian Peafowls in Fannie Bay including some young chicks. Council is monitoring these birds for animal welfare and for the impacts they are having in the area.

Peafowl facts

This species of Peafowl is native to the Indian subcontinent; Peafowl is not native to Australia. Peafowl tends to be out in the open early in the mornings, and tend to stay in cover during the heat of the day. Peafowl roosts in groups during the night on tall trees, but sometimes make use of rocks, buildings, or pylons. Peafowl’s diet consists of seeds, fruits, flower buds, shoots, insects, and small mammals and reptiles. Peafowl forage on the ground in small groups which usually have a Peacock and several Peahens. After the breeding season (October - December), the flocks tend to be made up only of females and young.

Peafowl and the law

City of Darwin administers the Local Government Act. Under Section 195 of the Local Government Act, if an animal or an activity involving an animal is, or is likely to become a hazard or nuisance, the council may make an order (a regulatory order) requiring the owner or occupier of the land on which the animal is kept or the activity is carried out, to take specified action to remove or mitigate the hazard or nuisance.

Pesky Peafowl and how to deter them:

Here are some pointers to help keep problem Peafowl away from your property:

  • Sprinklers: Peafowls do not appreciate coming into contact with water and therefore as a way of keeping them off your garden you can install a sprinkler.
  • Mesh wire: Peafowls are known to be attracted to the pollen of particular plants and therefore as a way of dealing with them you can opt to fence your garden with mesh.
  • Dogs: Peafowls are generally afraid of dogs and may also be deterred by the application of dog urine around the property.

If you would like to discuss peafowl in your area with Council please call City of Darwin  Coordinator Animal Management on 89 300 300.

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