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Cyclone Marcus

Help needed!

The job is not over and there are still cyclone related issues in the community that have not been logged or reported. If you do see anything that you believe is hazardous such as a tree ‘hanger’ (a loose limb ready to fall) or a badly damaged footpath or kerb, please report this to Council.

If possible report via our website

When will the Recovery works be finished?

The majority of the works are expected to be finished in 3-4 months. Playground equipment repairs and irrigation works will take longer. Tree replanting will be ongoing.

Cyclone Marcus recovery update fact sheet

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Tropical Cyclone Marcus passed over Darwin on Saturday the 17th of March 2018. The category 2 cyclone brought with it strong wind gusts of 130km per hour and brought significant widespread damage to Darwin, Palmerston and the surrounding rural area. It caused major damage to thousands of trees which in turn caused infrastructure damage to houses, vehicles, fences, carports, sheds, footpaths etc. Around 430 powerlines were downed leaving some 26500 customers without power immediately after the cyclone. Fortunately there were no severe injuries.

The community, our Defence Forces, Council and other government agencies did an incredible job responding to the disaster and getting the city up and running again.

Four months later while most people in the community moved on, at City of Darwin our teams are still working incredibly hard to restore our city to how it was pre-cyclone.

Parks, Reserves and Community Infrastructure

Council is continuing Cyclone Recovery works in our parks and green spaces. These works include arboreal work, irrigation repairs, stump removals, infrastructure repairs.

All of our parks have been fully assessed for tree and infrastructure damage and hazards.

A large number of our parks have been restored to pre-cyclone condition.

Members of the public are advised that there is still damage to our parks and some park amenities are locked for safety reasons. On site signage "Enter at Your Own Risk" has been installed at parks where significant hazards remain, reminding people to take care if entering these parks.

If you are planning to hold an event in a park it’s a great idea to get a permit from council (free of charge) so we can let you know if any works are ongoing in the area.

Many playgrounds were damaged during the cyclone. and repairs, including full replacement in several cases, are underway as part of Council’s insurance claim. New equipment will meet current standards. We look forward to having our damaged playgrounds restored and will let people know suburb by suburb as works get underway.​ 

Sign warning of park hazards and recovery works

Irrigation and dust

As the dry season continues another impact of the cyclone can be seen.   Areas that are usually green, even at this time of year, are dry and dusty. There are several reasons for this.

Uprooted trees cause turf to be destroyed and dirt is exposed. Machinery needed for cyclone related clean-up works may also have damaged the surface.

The irrigation system across our parks and open spaces which keeps Darwin looking green right through the dry season has also been damaged.

This all means that there are more dry and dusty parks and ovals than usual. Some parks will have less mowing than usual to help keep dust down.

Irrigation repairs, focusing on high priority areas initially have begun, and will be ongoing.

In the interim water trucks are moving through the worst affected areas spraying water to keep the dust down.

Stump removal

Thousands of trees were severely damaged or uprooted (heaved) during the cyclone.

While removal of the damaged and hazardous sections of the trees was a high priority, the job of removing the stumps is a massive one.

Stumps will be removed progressively as the contractor works through the long list in the most efficient way possible prioritising stumps that have created hazards (large holes, damage to footpaths and kerbs etc)

Trees replanting

Council is bringing together a Tree Re-establishment Advisory Committee.

The panel of experts will include peak body organisations with a selection process for interested community members. The panel will make recommendations to Council and the broader community on what tree species to replant (and not to plant!), where to plant, and how to properly care for the trees to re-establish a resilient tree population.

Replanting will not be a quick fix and is expected to take several planting (wet) seasons to complete.

We ask that the community does NOT plant trees in our parks and verges at this time until the advice from the Committee is received. We are looking forward to working with the community toplant trees in the future.

Street lighting issues

Due to the cyclone, there have been electricity supply problems affects street lights attached to PWC overhead network. We are working with PWC to restore the street light outages as soon as possible.

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