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Cyclone Marcus

For any Council related Cyclone Marcus issue please call or email

08 8980 3616

Cyclone Response Phone Operation hours have now returned to normal business hours Monday to Friday 8.00am-5.00pm.

To report an issue outside business hours please email - and include "Marcus" in the subject.

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Cleanup Map

This is a live map for City of Darwin's cleanup of our streets. Click on the arrows to find out which streets are cleared and which ones still have partial blokages. If you are aware of any road blokage which is not on the map please contact Council.

Frequently asked questions


City of Darwin is currently in the Cyclone Recovery Phase, working to restore all parks and open spaces across the municipality. These works will include repairing damaged irrigation infrastructure.  We aim to have replanting addressed in the near future.

Verge / Green Waste
  • All streets have been cleared of verge green waste.  Verge collections were a once-off service and streets will not be revisited.
  • Members of the public are encouraged to take their green waste to Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility.
  • There are still stumps on verges and holes to be filled from fallen trees. There are many footpaths and kerbs that were damaged by the Cyclone too. Council is working to do these repairs, to remove stumps and to fill in holes and get the verges back in shape.
Street lighting issues
  • Due to the cyclone, there have been electricity supply problems affects street lights attached to PWC overhead network. We are working with PWC to restore the street light outages as soon as possible.
Parks, Reserve and Community Infrastructure
  • City of Darwin is currently in the Cyclone Recovery Phase, working to restore all parks and open spaces across the municipality.
  • Members of the public are advised that all parks with cyclone damage are considered closed until the recovery works on each are completed. We understand that people are entering some parks that have not yet been cleared. Please avoid these areas if possible and if you do enter exercise extreme caution.
  • Some park amenities are locked for safety reasons.
  • Works within parks includes

clearing tree debris
removing trees that have heaved
removing stumps and protruding roots
reinstatement / backfilling holes
pruning and hanger removal
arborist assessments
irrigation repairs
infrastructure repairs

If a tree is unstable or at risk in a park, reserve or on a verge, members of the public are asked to report it to Council on 08 8980 3616.

Future Management of Trees
  • Council has  completed a survey on the species of trees that were uprooted or damaged in the cyclone. The data collected  will be analysed and presented to Council in the near future.
  • Council has funded a survey of trees planted in close proximity to property and power lines. The survey will include the remaining trees on Council land that have the potential to impact private property in the future.
  • An expert panel will guide the selection of suitable tree species and planting requirements post Cyclone Marcus. The panel of experts will include peak body organisations with a selection process for interested community members.
  • Council also supported a proposal for the larger trunks of fallen trees to be made available to the community for reuse and re purposing.  When the Cyclone Recovery is completed Council will call for expressions of interest for parties to collect and reuse salvaged timber.

Tropical Cyclone Marcus Financial Assistance 

Visit NT Government’s website for up to date information

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