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Sort & Save

Help us reduce landfill whilst saving your business money! Sorting your load before arriving at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility is not only great for the environment, your bank account will thank you too!

Our aim is to reduce the volume of material entering landfill at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility. Your business can help by separating recyclables from general waste. There are loads of materials that are able to be recycled and reused, meaning less impact on landfill. By sorting and separating your materials you are ensuring that recyclable materials are not entering landfill via mixed loads.

What is Sort and Save?

We’re encouraging commercial users of Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility to separate your recyclables from general waste before leaving your site and bringing it to the facility.

When you arrive at the weighbridge, your load will be weighed and assessed by the weighbridge operator. Should your load contain in excess of 30% of recyclables, you will be charged the full current recyclable rate.

The more recyclable materials you can separate from your waste, the more money you will save. Find out what material can be recycled and more by downloading our factsheets 




How do I Sort & Save?

There are various materials that can be recycled, however under some conditions these materials will need to go to landfill. We’ve put together a handy table that you can use to determine how to sort your load.

Need a hard copy?

This table is available in a printable download for easy access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help understanding how you can sort and save?

Why should I sort my load?

On average 50 per cent of commercial waste disposed of at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility can be sorted and recycled.

By separating recyclable materials from general waste you can help prolong the life of the Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility. Recycling provides many benefits to the community, including extending the life of the landfill, conserving natural resources while saving energy and money.

What is a mixed load and why is it an issue?

A mixed load is a combination of recyclable materials and general waste. When a mixed load is brought to Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility for disposal, all recyclable items in that load cannot be recovered for recycling.

By pre-sorting your materials you are helping the environment and reducing the impact of what goes to landfill. You can find out more about materials that can be recycled by downloading our Commercial Waste Factsheet collection.

I’ve sorted my load, so what should I do with my recyclable materials?

Refer to the table if your material is accepted at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility to be recovered. You may find it more convenient and cost effective to arrange an alternative solution to suit your business. Many commercial waste transporters offer recycling solutions. We recommend contacting them directly to discuss your business needs.

Weighbridge Fees and Charges 

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