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Naturestrip Program Request

The nature strip assistance program has been implemented to enable property owners to beautify and enhance their nature strips. This program is available to residences on a "one-off" basis only and cannot be supplied to residences who have already accessed this program. Top soil supplied is to be used on the nature strip only and is not available for use in private property or yards.

Terms of delivery

  • Property owners will be responsible for the spreading of topsoil, seed and fertiliser themselves, unfortunately Council is unable to provide labour assistance with this.
  • Delivery will be within two weeks once your application has been received and approved. Top soil will be delivered directly to the nature strip, fertiliser and seed is delivered separately together with an information sheet on establishing your lawn.
  • It is a requirement that pedestrian access must be maintained at all times. Should you wish to prevent pedestrian access temporarily whilst your lawn germinates, a permit must be applied for through Council.

Please ensure you have read and understand the City of Darwin Privacy Statement before submitting.

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