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Fitzmaurice Drive, Leanyer - Traffic Calming Works

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Traffic Control

In response to traffic safety concerns, City of Darwin are proposing to construct traffic control devices along Fitzmaurice Drive, Leanyer.

The works proposed for this area include the construction of traffic control devices in the form of line markings, pedestrian refuge islands and kerb build-outs and we are seeking your comments on this proposal.

The plan for this area is:

  • The construction of small kerb side islands on Fitzmaurice Drive near the intersection of Ord Place;
  • The construction of a pedestrian refuge, footpath links and traffic islands at the intersection of Fitzmaurice Drive and Armstrong Street;
  • The reconfiguration of the Fitzmaurice Drive and Cadell Street intersection via the installation of traffic islands and line marking and;
  • The installation of a line marked parking lane on both sides of Fitzmaurice Drive.

These measures should help improve driver behaviour and general road safety for all road users travelling along Fitzmaurice Drive.

Please note that there will be reduced on-street parking opportunities along Fitzmaurice Drive for those properties directly adjacent the works.

It is envisaged that construction will commence prior to the end of May 2021, weather permitting.

Fitzmaurice Drive, Leanyer - Traffic Calming Works - Map

Responsible Officer: Peter Copley, Design Team Leader.

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