Council Meetings

City of Darwin holds two monthly Ordinary Council Meetings in Council Chambers at the Civic Centre, Darwin City. The 2nd Ordinary Council meeting is held on the last Tuesday of each month and the 1st Ordinary Council Meeting is usually scheduled two weeks prior to this. Both meetings commence at 5.00 pm and can run for several hours.

Business Papers

The Council and Committee Business Papers (Agendas, Open Section Reports and Minutes) are made available to view at Council's four public libraries and at the Civic Centre the Friday before each meeting. Two public gallery copies are provided at Council meetings for reference; however members of the public are encouraged to access papers (in PDF format) from the City of Darwin website if they would like their own copy. Papers will be uploaded by 5.00 pm.

Council Agendas and Minutes can be downloaded here. 

Committee Meetings

The Council is a body corporate. It makes its decisions at Council meetings and has chosen to appoint a number of Committees to more effectively manage the business of the City. In June each year Council elects its members to a range of internal and external committees. These include Council’s Executive Committees, representatives to community committees and members of local boards.

 The main internal committees are the Executive Committees and Committees of the Whole.

 An Executive Committee reports to the Council on the various functions assigned to it and may, where a delegation exists, act in an executive nature on behalf of the Council.

 Each Executive Committee is composed of four Aldermen and the Lord Mayor. One of the members of the Committee, excluding the Lord Mayor, is elected as Chair.

 The three main City of Darwin Executive Committees are:

  • Community & Cultural Services Committee
  • Corporate & Economic Development Committee
  • Environment & Infrastructure Committe

 City of Darwin has one Committee of the Whole, where the Committee is made up of all Members of the Council. This is the Town Planning Committee.

Public Attendance

A meeting of Council or Committee must be open to the public but may be closed while business of a kind classified by the Local Government regulations as confidential is being considered. The confidential section follows the open section of the meeting.

 The Council holds monthly public open forum sessions before the 2nd Ordinary Council meeting at 4.30 pm. These sessions are held in the Function Area (just outside Council Chambers, Civic Centre) and provide a relaxed and informal atmosphere for general discussion. They are an ideal opportunity to raise issues of concern or to put across your view on particular issues. Many good suggestions and feedback to Elected Members have come from this forum.

Public Questions

Members of the public are able to submit public questions to the Council which are considered at the 2nd Ordinary Council Meeting each month.

 All public questions must be received in writing by 12:00 noon the business day prior to the 2nd Ordinary Council meetings, to allow time for a response to be provided.

 The form to submit a public question is available here:Public Question Form

The form can be:

  • handed in at Customer Services at the Civic Cente; or
  • mailed to GPO Box 84 Darwin NT 0801; or
  • emailed to

 Please address the form to the Chief Executive Officer.

Webcasting Disclaimer

The City of Darwin is live webcasting the Open Section of Ordinary Council Meetings. Audio-visual recording equipment has been configured to avoid coverage of the public gallery area and the City of Darwin will use its best endeavours to ensure images in this area are not webcast.  However the City of Darwin expressly provides no assurances to this effect and in the event your image is webcast, you will by remaining in the public gallery area be taken to have given the City of Darwin a non-exclusive licence to copy and broadcast your image worldwide for no reward.

Confidential sessions of Council Meetings will not be broadcast.

To view a webcast meeting, members of the public need to register. Further information is available here.


A copy of the minutes must, within 10 business days after the dates of the meeting to which they relate, be available to the public, on the Council’s Web Site or at the Council’s public office.

 Minutes marked as 'unconfirmed' indicates that the Minutes are complete, but will not be confirmed as a correct record of that meeting until the following meeting adopts them. They will still be available for download.

Further information regarding Council’s meetings is outlined in Policy No.043 -  Meetings, Meeting Procedures and Committees - General