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Sorting Your Waste

It is important to sort your waste before you arrive at Shoal Bay, this will save you time.

Before arriving at Shoal Bay

We recommend that you sort your waste into categories prior to your arrival at the transfer station. This easy process will save you time, allowing you to correctly place your material when you arrive at the transfer station.

What can I dispose of before I get to the Transfer Station?

Reusable items

You can dispose of reusable items such as furniture at the Recycle Shop. 



You can dispose of recyclable items, such as bottles and cans, at the Recycling Facility.

Recyclables also includes items that cannot be recycled through your yellow lid bin but can be recycled at Shoal Bay Recycling Facility, like scrap metal.

green waste


You can dispose of greenwaste (excluding soil) from your garden at the Shoal Bay Mulch Facility.


What categories are there at the Transfer Station?

To save time, it is recommended that you sort your remaining waste into the following categories before you arrive at the Transfer Station.



Washing Machines


Ovens etc

Scrap Metal

Wheel Hubs

Car parts


Shovel Heads etc




Car Batteries

Regular car batteries only*

*Hybrid car batteries are not accepted at the transfer station. These items must be returned to the car manufacturer for disposal.

Fluorescent Globes


Gas Bottles

5-20kg maximum

Hazardous Chemicals

Oil and Paint only

General Waste


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