About Council

City of Darwin is the local government body responsible for the municipality of Darwin. The Council consists of a Lord Mayor, 12 Elected Members known as Aldermen and four Wards.

Council is the decision-making body that sets the strategic direction and policies for the municipality through delivering key areas of the Strategic Plan, Darwin 2030 - City for People, City of Colour, a Long Term Financial Plan (LFTP) and an annual Municipal Plan and Budget.

City of Darwin governs essential community services such as waste management, domestic animal management, playgrounds and recreational facilities, libraries and town planning, and we are committed to investing in community infrastructure, smart technology and environmental initiatives to create a city that is vibrant, creative, innovated, connected and environmentally responsible.

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Our logo is available to businesses and community partners upon request, but must not be used
If you need to contact council to discuss any council matters, there are a variety of ways to choose

Decision-making at Council meetings is a democratic process which results in a majority vote of

The municipality of City of Darwin is divided into four wards. Each ward is represented by three

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