Laws and By-Laws

Council is responsible for exercising its powers and functions according to numerous acts of legislation and By-Laws that regulate and control activities across the Darwin municipality.

New By-Laws were endorsed by Council on 27 June 2023.

The new By-laws are now required to be notified in the Gazette and published at prior to the commencement date of 2 October 2023 for the By-laws to become operational.

City of Darwin will provide further information to the public on the introduction of the new By-laws once the required legislative processes have been observed, and closer to the date of effect.

Further information is available by clicking on the links below:

Camping or sleeping in any public place within the Darwin Municipality is actively discouraged and
Council encourages the responsible service and consumption of alcohol in our community.
Flying drones is getting more popular for recreation and business, but did you know that there are
Under the Information Act (2002) anyone can apply to access information from City of Darwin subject
Find out how to pay an infringement and other relevant information regarding infringement notices
The Darwin city centre Mall and Raintree Park are declared smoke free areas.
Council officers are authorised to enforce a range of traffic regulations within the municipality.
There are regulations in place which require an owner or occupier of untidy allotments to clean up
It is an offence under City of Darwin By-Law 112 to display a vehicle for sale in a public place.

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