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Pets provide us with companionship, lower stress levels and provide a sense of security and belonging. There are lots of great reasons to keep a pet.

City of Darwin strives to ensure that dogs, cats, their owners and neighbours live together in safety and harmony in the Darwin community. It all comes down to one thing – responsible pet ownership. That’s why Great Pets Start With YOU.


All dogs and cats kept in the Darwin municipality must be registered with City of Darwin by the 1 September each year.

There are many benefits to registering your dog or cat, including allowing us to easily reunite you with your pet if they stray, and access resources through the ‘Great Pet Starts with You’ campaign.

Registrations by Animal

Registration by Suburb

Top 5 Popular Pet Names in Darwin

Animal Education Program

City of Darwin’s Animal Education team host a variety of events throughout the year, including animal adoption days, free microchipping events, free desexing events, community dog walks, and pop-up stalls providing animal owners with information relating to animal registration and the rules around keeping dogs on-lead, and picking up after dogs.

Barking Matters Workshop Attendees

Barking Matters Workshop: This free workshop is for anyone wanting to understand barking behaviours and how to work with your pets to better understand their needs and live in a happier community with them.

If you would like to book into a Barking Matters Workshop, please go to or contact the Pet Care Helpline on 8930 0606 for more information.

Behavioural Workshop Attendees

Dealing with your Dog's Challenging Behaviours Workshop: This free workshop helps you understand your dog's challenging behaviours and provides you with tools to manage them for the safety and comfort of your dog, yourself, and the community.

If you would like to book into a Dealing With Your Dogs Challenging Behaviours Workshop, please go to or contact the Pet Care Helpline on 8930 0606 for more information.

Number of People Engaged in Education Activities

Number of Engagement Activities Conducted

Animal Management

City of Darwin’s Animal Management aims to promote responsible pet ownership to support safety and amenity for Darwin’s pets, pet owners and non-pet owners alike.

Infringements Issued as a Result of Animal Management Issues

It’s the responsibility of a pet owner to ensure their animal is contained to their property, behaves in an acceptable manner, and does not cause a nuisance to neighbouring properties.

City of Darwin is committed to delivering effective animal management throughout the Municipality to create a harmonious community for pet owners and non-pet owners. City of Darwin’s Animal By-Laws set out what is acceptable and what is not. City of Darwin enforces these By-Laws. The aim is always to avoid issues with pets in our community. Where necessary infringement notices (fines) are issued.

Number of Infringements over Past 12 months

Most Fined Breeds in Darwin

Types of Infringements over Past 12 months

Suburbs Where Most Infringements Occur

Declared Dogs

Dog attacks are a clear example of behaviour that is considered an offence by City of Darwin. Every week in Darwin there are several reported dog attacks.

Dog attacks are split into 2 levels:

  1. Level One: The dog bites or holds a person or animal in its mouth, whether or not the holding is accompanied by biting, shaking, pulling or pushing or the person or animal suffers an injury, physical or otherwise.
  2. Level Two: The dog approaches, chases, menaces, harasses or rushes at a person or animal in a manner endangering or causing fear, alarm or distress to the person or animal whether or not there is contact.

Ongoing nuisance behaviours, such as excessive barking, fence rushing, and being habitually at large, are also considered an offence by City of Darwin.

If a dog is found guilty of a dog attack or is found to be a continuous nuisance it is likely to be placed on the Declared Dog Register.

The declared dog register is split into 3 categories:

  1. Declared Dog Category 1 is a dog that has committed a Level One attack.
  2. Declared Dog Category 2 is a dog that has committed a Level Two attack.
  3. Declared Dog Category 3 is a dog that is considered a nuisance animal.

Declared Dogs by Category

Declared Dogs by Breed

Declared Dogs over Time

Pound Activities

The City of Darwin Animal Pound plays an important role in reuniting lost animals with their owners, the rehoming of unowned dogs and cats, the control of dog and cat populations, and in the provision of veterinary services to these animals.

Impounded by Animal Type

Outcome of Impounded Cats

Outcome of Impounded Dogs

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