Sponsorships, Grants and Operational Subsidies

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City of Darwin is committed to supporting the Darwin community through the provision of direct funding through sponsorships, grants and operating subsidies across a variety of categories that reflect the 2030 vision. In addition to this direct funding, City of Darwin also provides in-kind support for one off community events and projects throughout the year, but also aspires to provide support of a kind that builds capacity and capability among passionate community members to create self-sustaining events and projects that become a much loved and respected tradition for community and visitors to our city. 

City of Darwin’s sponsorship programs assists local event organisers in delivering their events in Darwin and increases the local expenditure on Darwin’s economy. In 2021/22, City of Darwin provided $270,000 in sponsorship to local event organisers. These events have attracted 283,000 visitors and increased the local expenditure by $305 million and supported 1,104 jobs. The Gross Regional Product is estimated to have increased by $140.6 million, increasing by 1.47% of the total Gross Regional Product. (Date source: Event Organisers and Remplan Tourism Impact Module).

Sponsorships / Grants / Operating Subsidies

City of Darwin supports a diverse range of events and projects that contribute to our vibrant, creative, innovative and sustainable city by engaging locals and attracting visitors.

The table below summarises the committed support from our Grant, Sponsorship and Operational Subsidies program 2021/22.

Cash by Type

In-Kind by Type

By Fiscal Qtr

In-Kind Support

The table below summarises the In-Kind and Waived Fees provided for the 2021/22 financial year.

By Category

By Type

By Fiscal Qtr

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