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YourDarwin data insights unless otherwise stated up to 31st March 2023.

A forward view of planned procurements, including register of active awarded contracts.


To achieve greater transparency in procurement and to further engage with industry, City of Darwin is now disclosing details of all significant procurement on this interactive platform. This will include advance notification of upcoming procurement opportunities, and details of all contractual arrangements executed by City of Darwin in the last three years, including reporting on local content.

Forward Procurement Schedule

To ensure that industry can maximise their opportunities to do business with City of Darwin, it is important to provide advance notification of planned procurement. The Forward Procurement Schedule lists these opportunities.

This schedule is indicative and is subject to additions, revisions, cancellations and withdrawals. This does not represent a solicitation or request for proposals, nor is it a commitment by City of Darwin to purchase the goods or services listed. If you are interested in doing business with City of Darwin, you will need to self-register with our online platform Tenderlink and nominate your categories of interest. Tenderlink can be found here.

For further information on City of Darwin’s Procurement Policy, including our commitment to local industry, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economic empowerment and sustainable purchasing, please visit our website and view our Procurement Policy located here.

Procurement Categories are Corporate/Community, Operations, Waste Management, and Projects.

Size Categories are Significant is over $1 million, Large is under $1 million but greater than $500,000, Medium is under $500,000 but over $100,000 and Small is less than $100,000. For recurrent contracts, category is allocated on the basis of annual spend.

Forward Schedule by Category

Forward Schedule by Size

Awarded Contracts Register

This retrospective look will show all significant contractual arrangements executed by Council over the last three years, exceeding our legislative reporting requirements. City of Darwin’s contracts are diverse and reported on by category for full transparency and analysis.

Awarded Contracts by Category

Awarded Contracts by Size

Awarded Contracts by Locality

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