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Our tropical climate and geographical location means that tropical cyclones can threaten the Darwin region. As a Council we are one of a number of organisations that form part of planning, preparation, response and recovery during these times.

In the Event of a Cyclone

If Darwin is hit or threatened by a cyclone, official warnings and advice will be published by:

You should stay informed by visiting these websites, social media or tuning into the official emergency broadcaster - ABC Darwin on 105.7 FM.

City of Darwin will provide updates on relevant preparation and recovery matters as required. These updates will be available via our Media Centre and social media.

Our Role During Cyclones and other Disaster Events

We undertake measures throughout the year to ensure that we are able to assist and support recovery efforts and return to normal Council operations as soon as possible after a cyclone has passed.

Cyclone Preparation

We embark on key planning and preparation activities throughout the year and ahead of the wet season to minimise impact to the community;

  • The Hard Rubbish Clean Up occurs annually and provides residents with the opportunity to prepare their property for a cyclone event. Not only does this service minimise the number of harmful projectiles a cyclone event could create, but it is a great opportunity to do a spring clean.
  • Council staff participate in key stakeholder meetings throughout the year as well as testing of our communication devices and confirmation of emergency stock and equipment inventories.
  • Key staff participate in a comprehensive Cyclone response simulation training exercise and annual training using our software system.

Cyclone Recovery

We play a key role assisting with recovery operations in the Darwin area. Our recovery operations begin as soon as an 'all-clear' has been officially announced and our staff can safely return to work.

Some of the key components of our cyclone response planning include:

  • Assisting the NT Government with equipment and manpower where required.
  • Undertaking an initial damage survey to priority Council roads and Council infrastructure.
  • Undertaking post-cyclone clean up operations.
  • Establishing key community services such as the Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility and domestic waste services.
  • Establishing an Emergency Operations Centre to take resident enquiries and requests.

Emergency Operations Centre

Our Emergency Operations Centre will take calls in relation to:

  • trees
  • domestic waste
  • Council roads
  • stray animals
  • stormwater drains
  • Council buildings
  • public pools
  • play grounds

Contact the Emergency Operations Centre

Council's Emergency Operations Centre will be operational only when the Cyclone threat has passed, an 'all clear' is given, and it is safe for Council staff to return work.

08 8980 3616

Useful Tips

Household Preparation and Tips

Make sure you and your family are well prepared before a cyclone hits. To personally prepare for a cyclone and for some helpful tips on what to do in the event of a cyclone please visit NT Emergency Services

Another great source of information is the Bureau of Meteorology website. 

Emergency Assistance

In the case of a cyclone, if you require immediate and urgent assistance please call 000 for Police, Fire, Ambulance or Emergency Services.

Reporting Damage

If you require assistance with damage to your property, or wish to report damage to NT Government property such as main roads, public buildings, businesses or private properties please call the NT Government Emergency Hotline on 1800 888 901.

For any enquiries relating to damaged power, water, or sewerage infrastructure please call the Power Water Emergency Hotline on 1800 245 090.

Please note that Council's Emergency Operations Centre will not be operational until it is safe for Council staff to return to work after the cyclone has passed. Council's Emergency Operations Centre Hotline number is 08 8980 3616.

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