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The fortress

S. A. Jones 

When Jonathon's wife Adalia discovers ugly sexual violence pervading Jonathon's top-tier firm, she agrees to continue their fractured relationship on one condition: that Jonathon become a supplicant for a period of one year. Jonathon's arrival at The Fortress begins with a recitation of the conditions of his stay from the Vaik to whom he is assigned: he is forbidden to ask questions, to raise his hand in anger and to refuse sex. 

The trout opera

Matthew Condon

This dazzling story is about the changing nature of the Australian character, finding the source of human decency in a mad world, history, war, romance, murder, bushfires, drugs, the fragile and resilient nature of the environment and the art of fly fishing. It's the story of a man who has experienced the tumultuous reverberations of Australian history while never moving from his birthplace on the Snowy and it asks, what constitutes a meaningful life?

The baby bible : a guide to taking care of your bump, your baby and yourself

Bec Judd 

From carrying a baby, delivering it, feeding it and raising it, Bec has experienced almost everything motherhood can throw at you and she wants to share the secrets and stories that she has learned along the way. Not to mention all those things about pregnancy, birth and motherhood that often come as a complete surprise.


Christine Mangan

Lucy, always fearless and independent, helps Alice emerge from her flat and explore the country. But soon a familiar feeling starts to overtake Alice - she feels controlled and stifled by Lucy at every turn. Then Alice's husband John goes missing and Alice starts to question everything around her.

Frozen hope : my IVF journey

Jacqui Cooper

After a stellar career as a world champion aerial skier, Jacqui Cooper's only hope to start a family was IVF. While there's plenty of technical information out there for women embarking on this process, Jacqui yearned for some real, honest, warts-and-all advice on the highs and lows of IVF. But she couldn't find it. So in true Jacqui style, she decided to write it herself.

Afternoons with Harvey Beam

Carrie Cox

Confirming his suspicions that you can successfully run away from your problems and a dysfunctional family, talk-show host Harvey Beam got out of his regional hometown as soon as he could. Beam creates a stellar radio career in the city, and builds a life that bears no resemblance to the one he left behind. But as things start to unravel at work and at home, Beam is called back to Shorton by the imminent death of his father.

Inner health

Sophia Young

Gut health is the new buzz word in wellbeing but why the fuss? By encouraging the right balance of bacteria in our gut we can improve our health in numerous ways; from our immune system, weight and mental health, to the risk of serious diseases. The way to optimise our gut health is via a wholefood diet, rich in resistant starch, fermented and cultured foods.


Stuart Woods

Stone Barrington and several friends are vacationing in Florida when an extreme weather event puts a damper on their trip. Even worse, the hurricane-force winds blow a powerful, noxious politician straight onto Stone's doorstep. Though they part ways before long, Stone soon learns that he hasn't seen the last of his new acquaintance.

My Ikaria : how the people from a small Mediterranean island inspired me to live a happier, healthier and longer life

Spiri Tsintziras

Spiri's quest for a healthier, more nourishing life took her from her suburban home in Melbourne to her family's homeland of Greece and to the small Greek island of Ikaria. Inspired by their example, Spiri made some simple lifestyle changes and as a result lost weight, gained energy and deepened the connection to those closest to her. Best of all, she didn't have to give up bread or wine!


The walking dead. The complete seventh season.

Frank Darabont

Picking up immediately after the thrilling cliff-hanger, Negan forces Rick and the group to fall under his will, brutally convincing them to live by his rules. To prevent further bloodshed, Rick genuinely believes they can make life under Negan, however terrible, work. But he soon learns that Negan can't be reasoned with, and they must prepare to go to war now.

Silent invasion : China's influence in Australia

Clive Hamilton

In 2016 it was revealed that wealthy Chinese businessmen linked to the Chinese Communist Party had become the largest donors to both major political parties. Hamilton realised something big was happening and decided to investigate the Chinese government's influence in Australia. What he found shocked him...


Welcome to country : a travel guide to indigenous Australia

Marcia Langton 

This curated guidebook offers fascinating insights into Indigenous languages and customs, history, native title, art and dance, storytelling, and cultural awareness and etiquette for visitors. There is also a directory of Indigenous tourism experiences, organised by state or territory, covering galleries and festivals, national parks and museums, communities that are open to visitors, as well as tours and performances. This book is essential for anyone travelling around Australia who wants to learn more about the culture that has thrived here for over 50,000 years.

The walking dead. The complete third season

Frank Darabont

Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies. The series explores how the living are changed by the realisation that those who survive can be far more dangerous than the walking dead.


Open sandwiches : 70 smørrebrød ideas for morning, noon and night

Trina Hahnemann

The massive trend for all things Scandi, healthier eating and the profile of New Nordic cuisine worldwide, have led to the renaissance of the open sandwich. Traditionally using a rye bread base, they can be topped with a huge variety of vegetables and pickles, fish, meats, herbs, salads - and can even include sweet options. Trine offers 50 recipes for delicious, healthy open sandwiches that are beautiful enough to serve at a dinner party or simply make a quick and filling snack using leftovers.

The wedding date

Jasmine Guillory

Agreeing to go to a wedding with a guy she gets stuck with in an elevator is something Alexa Monroe wouldn't normally do. But there's something about Drew Nichols that's too hard to resist. On the eve of his ex's wedding festivities, Drew is minus a plus one. Until a power outage strands him with the perfect candidate for a fake girlfriend.


A mother's choice

Elle Halliwell 

When well-known fashion journalist Elle Halliwell fell pregnant with her first child, she was faced with an impossible choice: continue with the pregnancy or begin treatment for leukaemia...


Dead if you don't

Peter James

Kipp Brown, successful businessman and compulsive gambler, is having the worst run of luck of his life. Taking his teenage son, Mungo, to their club's big Saturday afternoon football match should have given him a welcome respite, if only for a few hours. But it's at the stadium where his nightmare begins. Within minutes of arriving at the game, Kipp bumps into a client. He takes his eye off Mungo for a few moments and in that time, the boy is gone.

Brain rules for ageing well : 10 principles for staying vital, happy, and sharp

John Medina

How come I can never find my keys? Why don't I sleep as well? Why do my friends keep repeating the same stories? What can I do to keep my brain sharp? Scientists know. With so many discoveries over the years, science is literally changing our minds about the optimal care and feeding of the brain. Now in 'Brain Rules for Ageing Well', you can make the most of the years you have left.

Power breakfasts

Fern Green

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - which is why it is vital to start your morning with all the nutrients you need to perform at your best. These 70 delicious and easy-to-cook recipes, from hot bowls of delicious porridge to bircher-style fruit-packed bowls, will improve your digestion, boost your immune system and power you through the day.

Hadrian's Wall

Adrian Keith Goldsworthy

Hadrian's Wall was constructed by Emperor Hadrian in the 120s AD. Vast in size and stretching from the east to the west cost of the province of Britannia, it took ten years and thousands of hands to build the seventy-three miles of wall and its impressive forts. The remnants of the wall are still visible on the uplands of Cumbria and Northumberland and it is one of the most visited heritage sites in the country.

The family gathering

Robyn Carr 

Having left the military, Dakota Jones is at a crossroads in his life. With his elder brother and youngest sister happily settled in Sullivan's Crossing, he shows up hoping to clear his head before moving on to his next adventure. As a newcomer, he is on everyone's radar - especially the single women in town. While he enjoys the attention at first, he's really only attracted to the one woman who isn't interested.

Flight of the hawk : the river

W. Michael Gear 

An intimate of the Burr conspiracy, the condemned and hounded John Tylor signs on as boatman with Manuel Lisa's expedition. But the river is now contested as the British, Spanish, and other fur companies prepare to break Lisa's hold. As the expedition battles its way up the violent river, Fenway McKeever lurks in Tylor's shadow.

The art of living alone & loving it : your inspirational toolkit for a whole and happy life

Jane Mathews

Whether you view living alone as the ultimate compromise or the ultimate luxury, it presents daily challenges - cooking for one, organising holidays, juggling finances, avoiding the siren call of wine, Ugg boots and Netflix. And there are the less tangible tests, like nailing the octopus of loneliness to the wall, and holding your head high in a society where solo living is viewed (consciously or not) as the runner-up prize.

The eczema detox : the low-chemical diet for eliminating skin inflammation

Karen Fischer

Based on a decade of intense research and first-hand experience working with hundreds of skin disorder patients, 'The Eczema Detox' features: insightful questionnaires, the worst foods for eczema, top 12 foods for eczema, skin disorder supplements - the dos and don'ts, 50 delicious low-chemical recipes and more. If you have tried everything and you still have skin rashes, this book is the answer you've been waiting for.

In danger : a memoir of family and hope

Josepha Dietrich

Josie's own life story with breast cancer captures both her energy and force-of-nature personality. She reflects on the literary works that inspired her, from cancer literature to other medical memoirs, works that helped her to explore disease and the human condition and shed light on its darker aspects. At its heart, this moving memoir delves deep into how it feels when everything you love is in danger.

The bookshop of the broken hearted

Robert Hillman 

Tom Hope doesn't think he's much of a farmer, but he's doing his best. He can't have been much of a husband to Trudy either, judging by her sudden departure. It's only when she returns, pregnant to someone else, that he discovers his surprising talent as a father. Enter Hannah Babel, quixotic small town bookseller and the most vivid person Tom has ever met. He dares to believe they could make each other happy.

My kind of Christmas

Janet Dailey

Travis Morgan is not crazy about moving back to Branding Iron, Texas to run an abandoned ranch he inherited until he meets the town's sweetly stubborn mayor, Maggie Delaney. He spent the last three years in a prison cell and now he's completely without funds or family. Christmas is the last thing on his mind but the town's longtime Santa is retiring and the mayor is determined to find a replacement.

Staying : a memoir

Jessie Cole

As children, Jessie Cole and her brother Jake ran wild, free to roam their rainforest home as they pleased. They had each other, parents who adored them, and two mysterious, beautiful, clever half-sisters, Billie and Zoe who came to visit every holidays. But when Jessie was on the cusp of adolescence, tragedy struck and her happy, loving family fell apart.


Trick of the light : stories

Laura Elvery

With a keen eye for detail and rich emotional insight, Laura Elvery reveals the fears and fantasies of everyday people searching for meaning. Ranging from tender poignancy to wry humour, 'Trick of the light' is the beguiling debut collection from one of Australia's rising stars.

The walking dead. The complete sixth season.

Frank Darabont 

Season six starts with Alexandria's safety shattered by multiple threats. To make it, the people of Alexandria will need to catch up with our survivors' hardness while many of Rick's people will need to take a step back from the violence and pragmatism they've needed to embrace. These reversals won't happen easily or without conflict but now Rick's group is fighting for something more than survival... 

Making dogs happy

Melissa Starling

Studies have shown that many dog owners incorrectly interpret their dog's behaviour and emotions. 'Making Dogs Happy' will ensure you're being a good human to your furry companion. Learn what motivates your particular dog and you can train your dog accordingly, making your dog as happy as they make you.

The cast

Danielle Steel 

Building a huge following for her magazine column, Kait, a woman who prefers to focus on her career after two failed marriages, teams up with producer Zack to launch a television series with a colourful cast and crew, each marked by private eccentricities, heartaches and secrets.

Queen of the north

Anne O'Brien 

England’s crown is under threat. King Richard II holds onto his power by an ever-weakening thread, with exiled Henry of Lancaster back to reclaim his place on the throne. For Elizabeth Mortimer, great-granddaughter of Edward III and wife to Sir Harry Hotspur, there is only one rightful King - her eight-year-old nephew, Edmund. Only he can guarantee her fortunes and protect her family’s rule over the precious Northern lands bordering Scotland.

Killing the Deep State : the fight to save President Trump

Jerome R. Corsi

Bestselling author Jerome Corsi blows the lid off the secret conspiracy to destroy the Trump presidency. President Trump is the target of a virtual coup d'état being undertaken by the Deep State and other intelligence and military agencies that maintain a continuing commitment to a globalist New World Order. It uncovers the truth behind how well-funded hard-left extremists and Obama/Clinton holdovers in the government bureaucracy have combined with Deep State forces to block and undermine Trump's every move.

Death Is not enough

Karen Rose

Gwyn Weaver is as resilient as anyone could be. Having survived an attempted murder, she has rebuilt her life and reclaimed her dignity and strength. She's always known about her feelings for defence attorney Thomas Thorne but as her friend and a colleague there could be no chance of anything more... Or could there?


Robbie Arnott

A young man named Levi McAllister decides to build a coffin for his twenty-three-year-old sister, Charlotte, who promptly runs for her life. A water rat swims upriver in quest of the cloud god. A fisherman named Karl hunts for tuna in partnership with a seal. The answers to these riddles are to be found in this tale of grief and love and the bonds of family, tracing a journey across the southern island that takes us full circle.

The prisoner : [how one woman's jail term was the making of her]

Kerry Tucker 

As Kerry adjusted to life behind bars, she began to see her fellow inmates as more than simply 'murderers' and 'drug dealers' - they became real people with names and broken dreams. As they opened up to her, she realised that many of these women had violent home lives and were not getting parole simply because they couldn't fill out the paperwork. Horrified, Kerry set about using her skills to represent them.

The secret vineyard

Loretta Hill

Grace Middleton knew that her ex-husband Jake was a lying, cheating, wife-abandoning bastard. What she didn't know - until his untimely death - was that he was also the owner of a secret vineyard in the heart of the Margaret River wine region. Much to the chagrin of his new wife, he's left the property to Grace's three young sons. With the intention of putting it up for sale, Grace takes the boys to view Gum Leaf Grove. And immediately finds herself embroiled in mysteries from Jake's past and the accidental target of the resident 'ghost'.

Stories for boys who dare to be different : true tales of amazing boys who changed the world without killing dragons

Ben Brooks

Prince charming, dragon slayer, mischievous prankster... More often than not, these are the role-models boys encounter in the books they read at home and at school. As a boy, there is an assumption that you will conform to a stereotypical idea of masculinity. But what if you're the introvert kind? What if you like the idea of wearing a dress? There is an ongoing crisis with regards to young men and mental health with unhelpful gender stereotypes contributing to this malaise. 'Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different' offers a welcome alternative narrative.



The beginning of everything

Andrea J. Buchanan 

The mind-brain connection is one of the greatest mysteries of the human condition. In some folklore, the fluid around the brain is where consciousness begins. In this luminous memoir, Andrea seeks to understand where was 'I' when I wasn't there? This is not just the fascinating account of a brain disorder that pushes the limits of medical understanding; it's a life-affirming story of one woman's journey back to her own mind.

Her mother's daughter

Alice Fitzgerald

Josephine escapes her home in Ireland, hoping never to return. She starts a new, exciting life in London, but as much as she tries, she can't quite leave the trauma of her childhood behind. Seventeen years and two children later, Josephine gets a call from her sister to tell her that their mother is dying and wants to see her - a summons she can't refuse.


Meera Atkinson

Using memoir as a touchstone, Atkinson contemplates the causes of trauma and the scars it leaves on modern society. She vibrantly captures her early life in 1970s and '80s Sydney and her self-reflection leads the reader on a journey that takes in neuroscience, pop psychology, feminist theory and much more.

The book of chocolate saints

Jeet Thayil

Francis Newton Xavier has lived a life of excess in pursuit of an uncompromising aesthetic vision. His paintings and poems, which embody a flamboyant and decadent jeu d'esprit are to be celebrated at a final show and party in New Delhi. Approaching late middle-age, in a body ravaged by hard living, Xavier leaves Manhattan with his partner Goody Lol and his journey to India becomes a delirious voyage into the past.


Gregg Andrew Hurwitz

Others knew him as the Nowhere Man. But to Jack Johns he was a boy named Evan Smoak. Taken from an orphanage, Evan was raised inside a top secret government programme and trained to become a lethal weapon. But Jack knew too much about a programme that had gone rotten - he was a loose end that needed to be dealt with. But if you go after the only person who ever treated him like a human being, you can guarantee that the Nowhere Man will be coming for you.

On the hook : a crochet mystery

Betty Hechtman

Molly Pink and the Tarzana Hookers are busy crocheting baby blankets for charity, but before long, they're tangled up in a mystery that may be their unraveling. The Hookers are a tight-knit group, but some of the members harbor secret aspirations. Adele dreams of becoming an actress and Elise Belmont has earned her real estate license and is itching to show her first house. But when the house's tenant turns up dead from a pink squirrel cocktail laced with cyanide, the Hookers could be in double treble.  

A thief like night

Tammy Blackwell

Jonathan "Bricky" Barnes has come a long way since his days as a child on the streets of St. Giles. As one of the Duke of Sidhe's elite guards he works hard to keep his Oberon and the entire Touched population safe from harm. Astrid Young is one of the best thieves in all of England until the day she breaks into the Marquess of Driscoll's Bath estate and finds herself face-to-face with the one man she's never been truly able to escape.


Global strike

Chris Ryan

Charles Street was once a highly-respected agent working for MI6 until a terrible mistake cost him his job. Now he's a desperate man, living on past glories and struggling to make ends meet. Until he makes a discovery that has the power to bring down the new President of the United States.

The palace of lost dreams

Charlotte Betts

Beatrice Sinclair, a grieving young widow facing financial destitution, has travelled from Hampshire to Hyderabad to visit her brother, an employee of the British East India Company. There, she is astonished to discover that he has married a beautiful Indian girl and lives with his wife's extended family in a dilapidated palace. As an outsider in an unfamiliar world, Bea faces many challenges.

Fade to black

Heather Graham

Marnie Davante's former fame on a cult TV show has her working the convention circuit; she does it to support her dream of starting a children's theatre. When a co-star is brazenly murdered in front of her by a killer who vanishes into thin air with seemingly inhuman skill, Marnie can't even trust her own senses. Is the killer an obsessed fan or something more sinister? Could the show's cast be cursed?

When life gives you lululemons

Lauren Weisberger

Emily Charlton, ex-assistant to legendary fashion editor Miranda Priestly, does not do the suburbs. She's a successful stylist and image consultant to Hollywood's stars but - thanks to the Snapchatting millennials stealing precious business - her career's under threat.

The yoga body : the ultimate guide to detoxing, building strength and eating mindfully

Lola Berry

The ultimate guide to dexoting, building strength and eating mindfully. Improve your fitness and flexibility, lose weight, and be inspired to live your best life with nutritionist, yoga teacher and bestselling author Lola Berry. Think of this book as your own private yoga class - everything you need to build a strong and flexible yoga body is right here. So unroll your mat, open your heart and let's go!

Private princess

James Patterson 

Jack Morgan receives an offer he cannot refuse… When the head of the world’s foremost investigation agency is invited to meet Princess Caroline, third in line to the British throne, he boards his Gulfstream jet and flies straight to London. The Princess needs Morgan’s skills and his discretion. Morgan knows there is more to this case than he is being told but what is the Princess hiding?


Helen Brown

After a brush with cancer, Helen happily married for 22 years and with 3 grown children takes stock of her comfortable suburban life and finds it incomplete. Seizing the day, she heads to New York - the city that never sleeps - where she is talked into fostering Bono, a rescue cat in need of a forever home. Together they discover that in the end, home is where the heart is - wherever that may be.


David Sedaris

When David buys a beach house on the Carolina coast, he envisions long, relaxing vacations spent playing board games and lounging in the sun with those he loves most. And life at the Sea Section, as he names the vacation home, is exactly as idyllic as he imagined - except for one tiny, vexing realization: it's impossible to take a vacation from yourself.

Evil eyes

Corey Mitchell

In Houston, Texas, on a Sunday morning in spring, Coral Eugene Watts trapped two young women in their apartment. Only hours before, he'd killed another woman by drowning her in her bathtub. As Watts attempted to do the same to 20 year old Lori Lister, her roommate made a daring escape, leading to Watts' arrest. Through the untiring efforts of investigators and the mother of one of his victims, Watts was finally convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, where he remained the prime suspect in dozens of other slayings. Experts theorised that Watts may have slain more than Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy... Combined!



Live and let fry

Sue Williams

For Cass Tuplin, proprietor of the Rusty Bore Takeaway (and definitely not an unlicensed private investigator), it’s weird enough that her neighbour Vern’s somehow acquired a lady friend. But then he asks Cass to look into the case of the dead rats someone’s dumped on Joanne’s doorstep. She’s barely started when Joanne goes missing, leaving hints of an unsavoury past.

The eight mountains

Paolo Cognetti

Pietro, a lonely city boy, spends his childhood summers in a secluded valley in the Alps. Bruno, the cowherd son of a local stonemason, knows the mountains intimately. Together they spend many summers exploring the mountains discovering the similarities and differences in their lives. As time passes, the two boys come to find the true meaning of friendship and camaraderie even as their paths diverge. Bruno's in the mountains and Pietro's in cities across the globe.

The girl in the moon

Terry Goodkind 

Living in a secluded mountain cabin and juggling several jobs, Angela leads a double life right under everyone's noses. Since her family's bloodline carries the ability to recognise killers, she adopts a solitary existence in service of her own violent mission in life. When she unexpectedly finds herself stalked, Angela is the only one who knows the truth of what they are about to do.

The walking dead. The complete second season

Frank Darabont

'The Walking Dead' is a drama where personal struggles are magnified against a backdrop of crises. The series explores how the living are changed by the realisation that those who survive can be far more dangerous than the walking dead.


Jay Carmichael

Markus Bello’s life has stalled. Living in a small country town, mourning the death of his best friend Grayson, Markus is isolated and adrift. As time passes and life continues around him, Markus must try to face his grief, and come to terms with what is left. 

Jane Seymour : the haunted queen

Alison Weir

Eleven days after the death of Anne Boleyn, Jane is dressing for her wedding to the King. She has witnessed at first hand how courtly play can quickly turn to danger and knows she must bear a son... Or face ruin. This new queen must therefore step out from the shadows cast by Katherine and Anne. In doing so, can she expose a gentler side to the brutal King?



101+ baby hacks : essential tips & tricks for every parent

Margaret Rafferty

Being a mum is a full-time job and can sometimes seem a little overwhelming - especially for first-time parents. With '101 Baby Hacks' we share with you all our time-tested shortcuts to make the parenthood journey easier - from simple tricks to get your little ones to sleep, practical advice to make meal times easier and smart advice to keep your sanity in check.

She said, she said : love, loss, & living my new normal

Anne M. Reid

The ordinary and the extraordinary mix in this excruciatingly intimate, and at times triumphant and funny book which tells a profoundly moving story, custom built for our times. Anne had the perfect life with her perfect partner. She and Paul had been together for 12 years; married with three beautiful children. Then one night without warning, Paul admits to a life-long feeling of disconnection with his body, only recently understanding why: as a young child, he had wanted to be a girl. The book explores the anguish Anne feels as Paul begins transitioning to Paula and all the confusion, bewilderment and social stigma surrounding a gender transition.

The longevity diet : discover the new science to slow ageing, fight disease and manage your weight

Valter Longo 

The culmination of 25 years of research on ageing, nutrition and disease across the globe, this unique combination of an everyday diet and fasting-mimicking diet (FMD) to be done only 3-4 times per year lays out a simple solution to living to a healthy old age through nutrition.

The passengers

Eleanor Limprecht

During the journey back to the country of her birth, Sarah tells her granddaughter Hannah the story of her life. Hannah - who is the same age Sarah was when she made her first journey - listens avidly, seeing her grandmother for the first time as a woman and a person with a past.

Live and laugh with dementia : the essential guide to maximizing quality of life

Lee-Fay Low

For every person with dementia, their family and caregivers face the decision of how best to care for them. 'Live and Laugh with Dementia' explains how to make life with dementia as positive as possible - to maximize quality of life for all concerned.

Sail away

Celia Imrie

The phone hasn't rung for months. Suzy Marshall is discovering that work can be sluggish for an actress over sixty - even for the former star of a 1980s TV series. So when she's offered the plum role of Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest in Zurich, it seems like a godsend. Until that is, the play is abruptly cancelled in suspicious circumstances and Suzy is forced to take a job on a cruise ship to get home.

Everything here is beautiful

Mira T. Lee

When their mother dies and Lucia starts hearing voices, it is Miranda who must find a way to reach her sister. But Lucia impetuously plows ahead marrying an older man only to leave him suddenly, to have a baby with a young Latino immigrant. Lucia lives life on a grand scale until, inevitably, she crashes to earth. Miranda leaves her own self-contained life in Switzerland to rescue her sister again - but only Lucia can decide whether she wants to be saved.


The blinds

Adam Sternbergh

Helping maintain an uneasy peace in The Blinds, a rural Texas community of criminal misfits who were given a chance at a new life after having their memories altered, sheriff Calvin Cooper struggles with personal secrets in the wake of a suicide and murder.

Curry : eating, reading and race

Naben Ruthnum

Curry is a dish that doesn't quite exist but, as this wildly funny and sharp essay points out, a dish that doesn't properly exist can have infinite, equally authentic variations. Ruthnum sinks his teeth into the story of how the beloved flavour calcified into an aesthetic genre that limits the imaginations of writers, readers, and eaters. Following in the footsteps of Salman Rushdie's 'Imaginary Homelands', this book cracks open anew the staid narrative of an authentic Indian diasporic experience.


The widows of Malabar Hill

Sujata Massey

Mistry Law has been appointed to execute the will of Mr. Omar Farid, a wealthy Muslim mill owner who has left three widows behind. But as Perveen is going through the paperwork, she notices something strange: all three of the wives have signed over their full inheritance to a charity. What will they live on if they forfeit what their husband left them?


Belinda Bauer

On a stifling summer's day, eleven-year-old Jack and his two sisters sit in their broken-down car, waiting for their mother to come back and rescue them. Jack's in charge, she said. I won't be long. But she doesn't come back. She never comes back. And life as the children know it is changed for ever.

The other lady vanishes

Amanda Quick

In Burning Cove, no one is who they seem. Behind facades of glamour and power hide drug dealers, gangsters and grifters. Into this make-believe world comes psychic to the stars Madame Zolanda. Adelaide and Jake know better than to fall for her kind of con. But when the medium becomes a victim of her own dire prediction and is killed, they're drawn into a murky world of duplicity and misdirection.

Ottolenghi's Mediterranean feast with Jerusalem on a plate.

Yotam Ottolenghi

Yotam has revolutionised Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern food and made the flavours of the region more accessible and desirable than ever before. He will take you on a culinary journey through the sun-soaked Levant, from the spice markets of Morocco to the exotic eateries of Istanbul - a part of the world that has captured his imagination since childhood.


Wild asparagus, wild strawberries : two years in France

Barbara Santich

France bewitched Barbara Santich as a student in the early 1970s. She vowed to return, and soon enough she did - with husband and infant twins in tow. Buoyed by naïve enthusiasm, Barbara and her husband launched themselves into French village life, a world of winemaking, rabbit raising, cherry picking and exuberant 14 Juillet celebrations.


Ottolenghi's Mediterranean island feast.

Yotam Ottolenghi

Now, on a journey that will take him from the sun soaked island of Corsica to the unrivalled beauty of Crete, Yotam travels to the Mediterranean which has captured his imagination since childhood. As well as a cultural and culinary exploration, this is also a personal journey of inspiration for him, providing the impetus for new flavours in his own recipes.

The seasonal vegetarian

Sophia Young

Eating a well-balanced plant based diet has been shown to help reduce our risk of major disease and leaves a lighter footprint on our planet. The natural world of plants offers infinite variety for recipes big on flavour, texture and satiety. For cool weather, warm up with hearty dishes to nourish and comfort. Then when the summer heat hits, turn the dial to chill with refreshing cooling bites.

The hideaway

Sheila O'Flanagan

Juno Ryan is on her way to a dreamy villa near the sea in beautiful Spain. But Juno's not on holiday. She's running away. Weeks earlier Juno's life was good. Great job, loving family - even if they don't really understand her - and an ever-closer relationship with clever, funny, handsome Brad. Then catastrophe struck. Not only is Brad gone in the most tragic way, but he wasn't who Juno thought he was at all. 

The Librarian

Salley Vickers

Sylvia Blackwell, a young woman in her twenties, takes up the post of Children's Librarian in a run-down library in he market town of East Mole. But the seemingly pleasant town is not all it seems. When Sylvia falls in love with an older married man, her job and the existence of the library are put in danger - but it's her relationship with his young daughter and her neighbour's son which will permanently affect their lives.

Conversations in the kitchen

Mark Latham

Jones and Latham invite you into the kitchen to share in their world of good food and recipes, friendship, their views, Australia as a nation, childhood, their many adventures, the people they've met, as well as some outrageous stories, tall tales and generally good spirited banter.

Letting go : how to plan for a good death

C. F. Corke

As Australia's population ages, many individuals are faced with making complex medical decisions, for themselves and for others, in times of great stress. 'Letting Go' is an important and timely introduction to and discussion of, the kinds of decisions that individuals, families, and medical personnel face in a medical crisis. It shows us how to start thinking about our end-of-life stage before we get there.


Across the wash

Leigh Coad

Marine Roux is given up by her parents and enters the foster care program. She moves from home to home, school to school, friend to friend. She embarks on a relationship with Petro Justin, a haijin and karate sensei, and also a teacher. Marine's boyfriend finds out and sends her smartphone revenge porn and photoshopped sexting.

The right girl : what do you do when your perfect life ... isn't

Ellie O'Neill 

Freya has the best life - she is officially in love and her floristry business is going from strength to strength. Two years ago, it was a different story. She was barely employed as the worst waitress in the world with no hope of a boyfriend and no bank balance. But then she got BBest, a lifestyle app that knows you better than you know yourself. It changed everything. But if she's so in love, why doesn't it feel exactly right? And who is that mysterious man in her beloved grandfather's bookshop with soulful eyes that leave her unstitched?

Alter ego : a Jonathan Stride novel

Brian Freeman

When a freak accident kills a driver on the remote roads outside Duluth, Jonathan Stride is disturbed to discover that the victim appears to be a ghost, with a false identity and no evidence to suggest who he really was. It's up to Stride to solve the mystery, but there are those who would stop at nothing to stop him.

Death doesn't bargain

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Kalder Dupree has never known a day of mercy. Born to the cruelest of mer-races, he sacrificed himself for his crew and is in Vine's hands. He expects no mercy or rescue. Yet Cameron Jack is determined to set Kalder free. As a Hellchaser, it's her calling and she cannot allow even a not-so-innocent to be tortured for an act of kindness that spared her damnation.

Vegan kitchen

Pamela Clark

The vegan way of eating is nothing new. But what is new, is how much more aware people are of the provinence of their food and how accessible it is to not only eliminate meat from your diet, but also dairy and eggs. This new cookbook offers long-time vegans and those just starting out, fresh recipe ideas using 'new' alternative ingredients readily available in most supermarkets.

Suits. Season seven, part one.

Gina Torres

In Suits, one of Manhattan's top corporate lawyers (Gabriel Macht) sets out to recruit a new hotshot associate and hires the only guy that impresses him, a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout (Patrick J. Adams). Though he isn't actually a lawyer, this legal prodigy has the book smarts of a Harvard law grad and the street smarts of a hustler. However, in order to serve justice and save their jobs, both these unconventional thinkers must continue the charade.


W. Michael Gear

The first book in a thrilling new sci-fi action adventure set on Donovan, a treacherous alien planet where corporate threats and dangerous creatures imperil the lives of the planet's inhabitants. A ghost ship, the Freelander, appears in orbit. Missing for two years, she arrives with a crew dead of old age and reeks of a bizarre death-cult ritual that deters any ship from attempting a return journey.

Shattered mirror

Iris Johansen

Eve Duncan receives a package containing a skull - and instructions for Eve to do her work reconstructing it. When she does, a beautiful woman's face emerges. But when Eve is introduced to the dead woman's mirror image, a game is on where her twin's life hangs in the balance.

Shadow keeper

Christine Feehan

The paparazzi can't get enough of infamous bad boy Giovanni Ferraro. But unknown to them - and the women he beds - he's just playing a role. Keeping the spotlight on himself keeps it off the family business. And if this lethal shadow rider can't hunt in the dark, he'll find his pleasure elsewhere...

A life less stressed : the five pillars of health and wellness

Ron Ehrlich 

Life has never been more stressful. It is no coincidence that chronic degenerative disorders such as cancer, heart disease, autoimmune illnesses, and mental-health conditions are on the rise. But if we want to tackle them, we need to look beyond their symptoms. Ehrlich redefines the stresses that affect us in our modern world, and shows how to strengthen the five pillars - sleep, breathing, nutrition, movement, and thought - that support our health.

What is Russia up to in the Middle East?

Dmitriĭ Trenin

Today more than ever, this deeply-troubled region is the focus of power games between major global players vying for international influence. Absent from this scene for the past quarter century, Russia is now back with gusto. Yet its motivations, decision-making processes and strategic objectives remain hard to pin down. So just what is Russia up to in the Middle East?

Shannon's kitchen : healthy food you'll actually f**king eat!

Shannon Kelly White

Healthy food isn't just for uptight health nerds and classy highbrow types - it's for everyone. That's why Aussie nurse and mum Shannon Kelly White created her blog, 'Shannon's Kitchen', to share her delicious, achievable recipes. Shannon reveals 60 easy-to-follow recipes to help you live a bloody good and fun life. If you've had a gutful of diets, detoxes and perfect clean eating types, then this book is for you.

Reaching one thousand : a story of love, motherhood and autism

Rachel E. Robertson 

We expect many things of our children. Most of the time we are only aware of these expectations when something happens to make it impossible for them to be fulfilled. When Ben was a baby, Rachel puts his behavioural quirks down to eccentricity. But as Ben grows and his quirks become more pronounced, it becomes clear there is something else going on. When he is diagnosed with autism, Rachel must reconsider everything she thought she knew about parenting, about Ben and about how best to mother him.

Dead girl running

Christina Dodd

Tough, capable Kellen Adams takes a job as assistant manager of a remote vacation resort on the North Pacific Coast. There, amid the towering storms and the lashing waves, she hopes to find sanctuary. But when she discovers a woman's dead and mutilated body, she's soon trying to keep her own secrets while investigating first one murder... Then another.

Holy ceremony

Harri Nykänen

Ariel Kafka finds himself investigating a series of crimes leading to the enigmatic Brotherhood of the Holy Vault, founded at the school. The brotherhood's former members have gone on to become Oxford professors and important CEOs, all reluctant to recall their school days. But before Kafka can solve the puzzle, more than one person must pay for past sins with his life.


Jesse Ball

When a widower receives notice from a doctor that he doesn't have long left to live, he is struck by the question of who will care for his adult son - a son whom he fiercely loves, a boy with Down syndrome. With no recourse in mind and with a desire to see the country on one last trip, the man signs up as a census taker for a mysterious governmental bureau and leaves town with his son. 


The Moscow offensive : a novel

Dale Brown

The Russians have managed to reverse engineer their own combat robots nearly decimated in a previous attack, and have slowly begun smuggling them across America's borders. Dealing with an unprecedented danger and a feckless president and congress, Brad McLanahan and the Iron Wolf Squadron will once again put their own lives on the line to check this new Russian peril and keep the home of the brave and the free world safe.

The reckoning

Yrsa Sigurðardóttir

Huldar suspects he's been given the investigation simply to keep him busy and away from real police work. He turns to Freyja to help with the psychology of the child who hid the note. Soon, however, they find themselves at the heart of another shocking case...

Defying the enemy within

Joe Williams 

Former NRL player, world boxing title holder and proud Wiradjuri First Nations man Joe Williams was always plagued by negative dialogue in his head and the pressures of elite sport took their toll. In the aftermath, determined to rebuild, Joe took up professional boxing and got clean. Williams tells of his struggles with mental illness, later diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder and shares his wellness plan - the ordinary steps that helped him achieve the extraordinary.

Eat with love

Samira El Khafir

With beautiful photography throughout, this book showcases Samira's modern take on traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. As the title suggests, 'Eat with Love' represents Samira's passion for family cooking. With easy to follow recipes, including Mezza plates, sides, dips and snacks, there is also a chapter on Middle Eastern Spice mixes.



Relatively Famous.

Roger Averill

Gilbert Madigan is Australia's first Booker Prize winner, a feted and much lauded author that the U.K. and U.S. now likes to call their own. Michael cannot escape his father's life and work, and at times his own life seems swallowed by it. His father's success is a source of undeniable pleasure but also of great turmoil. How does one live in the shadow of a famous relative who we never seem to be able to live up to?

The testament of Loki

Joanne Harris

Ragnarok was the End of Worlds. Asgard fell centuries ago and the old gods have been defeated. Some are dead while others have been consigned to eternal torment in the netherworld - among them, the legendary trickster, Loki. But now mankind dreams of the Norse Gods once again, the river dream is but a stone's throw from their dark prison and Loki is the first to escape into a new reality. The first, but not the only one to do so.


Madeline Miller 

When love drives Circe to cast a dark spell, wrathful Zeus banishes her to the remote island of Aiaia. There she learns to harness her occult craft, drawing strength from nature. But she will not always be alone; many are destined to pass through Circe's place of exile, entwining their fates with hers. Breathing life into the ancient world, Madeline Miller weaves an intoxicating tale of gods and heroes, magic and monsters, survival and transformation.


Healthy hormones : a practical guide to balancing your hormones

Belinda Kirkpatrick 

Naturopath Belinda Kirkpatrick helps you understand your hormones and provides easy ways to manage symptoms, hormonal conditions and fertility through diet and lifestyle. Expert nutritional advice and lifestyle tips are combined with answers to the many questions that women have asked Belinda during a decade of clinical practice.

Truth or dare

Fern Michaels 

Driving along an isolated country road with Cyrus, the hound dog in tow Joe glimpses movement in the woods bordering the road. Joe pulls over to investigate and Cyrus bolts out the door and leads him to three children clustered together - bedraggled, silent and scared out of their wits. The rest of the Men of the Sisterhood hear a shocking story that confirms their worst suspicions: many more children are still in danger. And with so many vulnerable young lives at stake, one mistake would be too many.

The economists' diet

Christopher Payne

Two professional men in their forties got obese without meaning to. This is their no-nonsense advice on how they shed the weight and kept it off. They faced the same obstacles to healthy living that so many face today: long hours, endless stress, constant eating out, and snacking out of boredom. When they finally decided to do something about it, they lost weight by applying their economists' insight into why we humans do the stuff we do even when we know it harms us in the long-term.

30 days 30 ways to overcome anxiety

Bev Aisbett

A clear, practical day-by-day workbook, written by experienced counsellor and bestselling author of the classic national bestseller about anxiety, 'Living with IT', Bev Aisbett, to help people control their anxiety. Designed to be carried in handbags or backpacks as a daily companion, this is a highly approachable, concise, practical, simple and above all proven method of overcoming anxiety.

The President is missing

Bill Clinton

The President is missing. The world is in shock. But the reason he’s missing is much worse than anyone can imagine. With details only a President could know and the kind of suspense only James Patterson can deliver.

The walking dead. The complete fifth season

Frank Darabont

The group crosses paths with a mysterious priest and takes shelter in his church. As Daryl and Carol follow a lead to the whereabouts of Beth, the others begin to realise that they're being hunted. As Bob's life hangs in the balance, the group prepares to face off against the cannibalistic hunters of Terminus.

Period repair manual : every woman's guide to better periods

Lara Briden

Containing invaluable advice for women of every age and circumstance, and detailing natural treatments from nutritional supplements to a healthy diet, this book promises to help women change their relationship with their menstrual cycle. Thoroughly researched and written in clear and accessible language, Period Repair Manual is the ultimate guide to better periods.

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