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Works Permits

If you require access to Council land to carry out works, you will need to apply for a works permit.

A works permit must be approved by the Infrastructure Permits Officer prior to starting works that require the use of Council owned public space for access to services, private property or any other reason. This includes road reserves, medians, footpaths, nature strips or verges and parks and reserves. Fees and charges do apply to all permits.

Works that require a permit include but are not limited to:

  • driveway construction
  • stormwater connection (plan required)
  • service installation
  • use of crane in road reserve
  • public car park use
  • fencing on road reserve

The Process

  1. Fill out the works permit application and return it with any supporting information to City of Darwin, note the conditions of approval, these are agreed by you when submitting the permit.
  2. The form will be assessed by a City of Darwin Officer who will contact you with any queries regarding the permit or special conditions to be placed on the permit. A security bond may also be required.
  3. Payment requirements will be emailed to you (the applicant) once the permit is assessed.
  4. Once payment is received an approved works permit will be sent to you, this will include and special conditions, which must be adhered to in order for the permit to be valid.
  5. You may commence works only after receiving the approved works permit.
  6. Once works commence, all hold points are to be adhered to as stated in the conditions of approval and special conditions.

Works Permit Application webform

Works Permit Application Form - pdf (including conditions)

Permit Application Timeframe
  • We require minimum notice of 5 working days for applications
  • Road closures require 10 days notice
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure enough time is allowed for application processing

The period of 5 days for approval is on the basis that all information is received and plan approvals have already been obtained from Council.


A permit being issued is subject to the standard conditions of approval and any special conditions associated with works deemed to be necessary and stated by Council.

Permit Hours

The permit will be applicable for work hours unless otherwise approved by Council.

  • 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday
  • 9am to 6pm Sunday and Public holidays  

Council may restrict these hours depending on the location and type of works.

Plan Approval

All works involving the placement of infrastructure within Council roads and reserves requires plan approval prior to a work permit application being submitted.

It is an offence to carry out any works on Council land without permission, infringements will apply.

Dial Before You Dig

The applicant is responsible for determining the location of all services and equipment of public authorities in the vicinity of the works and to take all steps necessary to protect any such equipment and services located within the area (it is recommended to contact Dial Before You Dig on 1100 before submitting a works permit form).

Safety Requirements

All necessary safety precautions and requirements relating to the use of signs, barriers, hoardings and warning devices for works in progress must be adhered to as specified by the Standards Association of Australia, Work Health and Safety and as directed by Council.

The applicant is responsible for the reinstatement of road reserve, nature strip and park surfaces to City of Darwin standards.


The applicant is responsible for the reinstatement of road reserve, nature strip and park surfaces to City of Darwin standards.

Traffic & Pedestrian Management

Traffic / pedestrian management plans & diagrams are to be compiled by a person with level 1 work zone traffic management accreditation and must be supplied with the written works permit. Any persons setting up or manning traffic control must have Level 2 & 3 work zone traffic management accreditation.

For additional information regarding traffic control plans

08 8930 3646

Last modified 
25 Oct 2018

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