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Nightcliff Village Tree Removal

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10 February 2021

City of Darwin has completed its assessment into a large mahogany tree adjacent to the children’s playground at Nightcliff Village following reports from nearby business owners of hearing noises from the tree.
Council cordoned off around the tree as a precaution while investigations were carried out which found the condition of the mahogany is an unacceptable hazard due to being assessed as a high risk category.
In the interests of public safety, Council will act on the findings and remove the tree.
“Public safety for our community is at the forefront of all decisions Council makes,” Mr Waters said.
“Given what we know about previous incidents of branch failures associated with mahogany trees and with this particular tree found to be in the high risk category and located next to a much used children’s playground, our risk assessment process has determined removal of the tree is the right action to take.
Nearby businesses are being advised today that arborists will begin removing the tree canopy on Friday.
Due to the large size of the tree and its limbs overlooking nearby buildings, a 50 tonne crane will be brought on site next to remove the trunk portions of the tree.

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