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Using Parking Meters

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Parking throughout the Darwin Central Business District (CBD) is controlled by paid parking. You should always read all parking signs and understand the zone you have parked in.

Our Pay and Display parking meters are located throughout the CBD. All meters accept coins and some accept credit card and Visa payWave or Mastercard PAYPASS™ payments. Alternatively parking can be paid using the PayStay parking app.

How to use parking meters

  1. Park your vehicle in a designated parking bay (be sure to read the sign to understand time restrictions).
  2. Decide how long you expect to stay.
  3. Pay at the nearest meter using coin or credit card* (if available at that meter).
  4. You will receive a parking ticket clearly indicating when your parking time is up.
  5. Place the ticket on your vehicle's dashboard, facing up, so it is clearly visible to Council Rangers.

* Please note: where credit card facilities are not available/not working, you are required to pay for parking using coins.

Paying by coin

Parking meters do not give change and do not accept 5c cent pieces.

The maximum number of coins accepted is 25.

Paying by Credit Card at the Meter

Instructions on how to pay by credit card are displayed on meters. Additional signage is on display at all car parks where credit card payments are available.

There are no additional fees to use credit card payments on parking meters.

Credit Card Payments Down? 

If at any time the credit card payment option is not available, you must still purchase a ticket using coins or the PayStay app.

Credit card payment options are available at a number of on-street parking zones (look for the red band on the meters), and at the following off-street parking locations

Report a Fault

For any parking meter faults please use online form or phone on the freecall number

1300 661 322

You must then use the nearest available Pay and Display machine.

Conditions of Parking

  • All vehicles are parked at owners/drivers risk. City of Darwin, its employees or agents are not liable, for any loss or damage caused by negligence or otherwise, to vehicles parked in this car park.
  • City of Darwin, its employees or agent do not have authority to accept vehicles or articles for safekeeping.
  • Under common law the bailment of good does not apply in respect to the parking of a vehicle and or its contents in the car park.
  • No person has authority to vary these conditions. Vehicles entering this car park are subject to NT Traffic Regulations. Park in bays only.

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