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Mosquito control

We liaise directly with the Department of Health to coordinate effective maintenance and improvement works to drainage systems. We provide mosquito infestation control measures and annual maintenance to drains in order to minimise potential for mosquito breeding.

The annual mosquito control program was established in 1983, and aims to protect the community from mosquito-borne diseases by maintaining and upgrading Darwin storm water outlets.

In 2016/2017 the Department of Health continues to identify areas requiring action to eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

Planned works may include:

  • vegetation and silt removal
  • concreting and upgrading of open unlined drains
  • filling or draining of depressions demonstrated to breed mosquitoes
  • weed control.

About the Program

Prior to the program, mosquitoes made life uncomfortable for Darwin residents. This was partially due to storm water and dry season run off from urban areas into nearby swamps, resulting in weed growth and prolonged and exacerbated mosquito breeding. Under the program, storm water drains were established in the Leanyer, Coconut Grove and Casuarina swamps, and regularly maintained. These works are subject to a weekly adult mosquito monitoring program carried out by the Department of Health.

This financial year, the program targets problem areas in the northern Darwin suburbs, East Point, Fannie Bay and the Gardens, with minor works to be carried out in other Darwin urban areas.

For more information please contact us on:

08 8930 0300

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