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Property & Rates

Do you want to know more about rates, report an issue or cyclone preparation?

Is there a problem in your area you need us to fix? Let us know. Would you like to know how your rates are calculated? How do you best protect yourself and your property in a cyclone? All of your answers are here.

Rates are the City's primary source of income and are used to provide essential infrastructure and services to our community.

You can choose to pay your rates in a single payment or via instalments. Instalments are bi-monthly and must be paid between September and March each year. Your annual rates notice includes the instalment amount required and payment due date.

Paperwork piling up waiting to be filed? Sign up to receive your rates notice electronically. With two great options, simply choose the best one for you. Here's how.

In the Northern Territory, council rates are a form of property taxation and property values play an important part in determining how much each individual ratepayer contributes. As it is a system of taxation the rates paid may not directly relate to the services used by each ratepayer....

Our circumstances in life often change, and when they do, don't forget to notify us. Here is how you do it.

City of Darwin - Report an issue

Got something to report to council?

You can report directly to us via our website or Click and Fix app. Choose what is easier for you.

Council has developed a new Financial Hardship Support Policy in consultation with the Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development. The policy outlines rate relief support for residential and commercial ratepayers. (The policy was endorsed on Tuesday 26 May 2020.)

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