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Property & Rates

Property & Rates

Do you want to know more about rates, report an issue or cyclone preparation?

Is there a problem in your area you need us to fix? Let us know. Would you like to know how your rates are calculated? How do you best protect yourself and your property in a cyclone? All of your answers are here.

Hazardous footpath? Broken bin? Litter in one of our parks? Report now with Click and Fix

We strive to provide a quick repair service to malfunctioning infrastructure and services. Let us know what's wrong, and we'll be right out.

Everything you need to know about your rates including due dates, payment options and more

Rates are the City's primary source of income and are used to provide essential infrastructure and services to our community.

Cyclones, storms and fires can create emergency situations in Darwin.

What can you do to reduce the impact of a disaster? It pays to be fully prepared.

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