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Waste & Recycling

Waste & Recycling

Everything you need to know about waste and recycling in the City of Darwin.

From household to commercial waste, we have a range of resources and solutions to suit you and your family...and if you're not sure how to dispose an item, our A-Z Disposal guide is a great place to start.

Last modified 
03 Oct 2019

Our household waste services stretch far beyond your kerbside collection...

Find out your bin day, our annual pre-cyclone clean up and what to do with green waste and unwanted household items.

Your business needs waste solutions too.

Find out more about commercial waste disposal options in Darwin.

Located off Vanderlin Drive and open 7 days a week, dispose your waste easily at Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay accepts commercial, household, recyclables and green waste. Accessing Shoal Bay is free for residents in the Darwin municipality.

Our goal is to increase recycling and reduce the rubbish that ends up as landfill.

There are so many ways to reduce the amount of waste that you produce from ending up as landfill.

City of Darwin - A-Z Waste & Recycling Guide

Can you recycle an aerosol can? What about a magazine?

Find out how to dispose different items and materials with our simple A - Z Disposal Guide.

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