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Our Annual Pre-Cyclone Clean Up is held once a year and is the hard rubbish collection for the Darwin municipality.

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The pre-cyclone clean-up is our annual hard rubbish collection to help residents tidy their yard in preparation for the cyclone season. The clean-up removes items which could become dangerous missiles in the event of a cyclone. 

2019 Zones and Dates 

For the clean up to go smoothly, we've divided the collection into two zones carried out on two different days. You can find the collection date for your area via the map or our list of suburbs.

Zone 1 (North) 

Put your items out for collection by:

Sunday 25 August 2019

  • Alawa
  • Anula
  • Brinkin
  • Casuarina
  • Jingili
  • Karama
  • Leanyer
  • Lyons
  • Malak
  • Marrara
  • Moil
  • Muirhead
  • Nakara
  • Tiwi
  • Wagaman
  • Wanguri
  • Wulagi

Zone 2 (South)

Put your items out for collection by:

Sunday 15 September 2019

  • Bayview
  • Coconut Grove
  • Darwin City
  • Fannie Bay
  • Larrakeyah
  • Ludmilla
  • Millner
  • Nightcliff
  • Parap
  • Rapid Creek
  • Stuart Park
  • The Gardens
  • The Narrows
  • Woolner

Do you require assistance?

Seniors and residents with mobility limitations can request assistance to remove items from their property.

Please contact us no later than the Friday before your collection

08 8930 0300

Tips on safety when placing your items 

  • Ensure you place your items in a responsible way and keep the footpaths clear
  • Be aware of potential danger of items placed on other people's nature strips
  • Remember to keep footpaths clear and be mindful of the safety of others.

Separate Your Items 

To make collection easier, please separate your items into groups with similar items.

Be sure to leave a space between groups rather than bundling everything together.

how to group your items for the pre-cyclone clean up

What will be picked up during the clean up? 

Here’s an example of what will be collected and how to group your materials:

Did you Know?

When placing fridges, freezers or items with a compartment over 40L capacity or more, you must remove the doors/lids, hinges or locks before placing them in a public space.

General Household

  • furniture 
  • whitegoods
  • kitchenware
  • toys
  • books
  • cardboard

Other Household

  • old carpet rolls
  • timber
  • mattresses
  • pallets


  • TVs
  • computers
  • tablets
  • monitors

Scrap Metals

  • bedframes
  • futon frame
  • nuts and bolts
  • trampolines
  • steel/aluminium
  • washing machines
  • bbqs
  • appliances
  • bikes

Items that will not be collected are:

  • garden refuse
  • liquids
  • paints
  • asbestos
  • car parts / bodies / tyres / engines
  • car batteries
  • glass or mirrors
  • food waste


Who can put out items for the Pre-Cyclone Clean Up collection?

If you are a resident living in the Darwin municipality and you (or your landlord) pay a waste levy to City of Darwin, you are entitled to place your items out in time for the Pre-Cyclone Clean Up in your area. If you rent and are not sure if your property is included, we recommend contacting your landlord or property manager.

The Pre-Cyclone Clean Up is for residential properties only. All commercial/industrial properties should make their own waste disposal arrangements.

What happens to the items I put out?

Our clean-up crews start collecting items almost immediately.

We assign our trucks to collect items in groups based around the type of material (for example metals are collected together, as is e-waste or furniture). This helps us sort items to maximise what can be reused and recycled.

The items are then taken to the Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility where they are sorted further before being moved on to the appropriate location.

Furniture, and other reusable items in good condition

  • All items in good condition that can be reused are donated to charity.
  • Items that are not taken by these organisations but are still in good condition are taken to the Recycle Shop.

Scrap Metals and Whitegoods

  • These items are taken to a scrap metal merchant for recycling.

Other items that are recycled are

  • Cardboard
  • e-waste

All other items that cannot be reused or recycled are landfilled at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility.

Why do I still have items on my verge even though its past my pick up date?

The reason that items are still on your verge could be

  1. We are still collecting some item groups.
  2. You have placed hazardous materials.

We are still collecting item groups

Items are collected in groups by the types of product/material they are. As we are covering a large area, it can take several days for all of your items to be collected.

Please do not continue to place new items on the verge as we will not collect from groups that have already been picked up.

Examples of collection groups assigned to different trucks

  • Whitegoods
  • E-waste
  • Metals
  • Furniture and toys

If you have placed hazardous materials out

Council is not licensed to transport hazardous materials such as paints, batteries, gas bottles, etc.  If you have placed any of the items listed below, you are required to dispose of these appropriately yourself.

Items that will not be collected during the Pre-Cyclone Clean Up are:

  • garden refuse
  • liquids
  • paints
  • asbestos
  • car bodies

For advice, or more information on how to do this look up your items on our A-Z Disposal Guide or contact our Waste team

08 8930 0300

I missed my pick up date; can I arrange a special collection?

No, we are unable to arrange special collections if you have missed your date.

If you have missed your date and have items that need to be disposed prior to the wet season, you are able to take them to the transfer station at the Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility. Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility is located off Vanderlin Drive and is open every day of the year. You will need your access tag to enter the facility.

Learn more about the facility

Why do refrigerators, freezers and furniture with compartments need to have their doors removed?

Under '65AA Dumping of certain containers' of the Summary Offences Act it is an offence to leave the following items (if their capacity is equal to 40L or more) in a public place without first removing the doors/lids, locks and hinges.

  • refrigerator/freezer
  • icebox
  • trunks
  • other articles of furniture with a compartment 

These items can pose a safety risk to small children. 

Can I still put items out even though it is past my collection date?

No, we will not collect items put out after your designated pick up date.

If you have missed your date and have items that need to be disposed prior to the wet season, you are able to take them to the transfer station at the Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility. Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility is located off Vanderlin Drive and is open every day of the year. You will need your access tag to enter the facility.

Learn more about the facility

Can seniors or people with a disability get assistance with their items?

Yes, if you are a resident requiring assistance and it is prior to you collection date please call our waste team to make arrangements

08 8930 0300

How much of what gets collected is recycled or reused?

We try to reuse and recycle as many items as possible. In 2016 more than 36% of items were reused or recycled. That's a huge increase compared with the 2015 pick-up!

Year Percentage of recycled or reused items
2016 36%
2015 22%
Why is it called the Pre-Cyclone Clean Up and not a hard rubbish collection?

Rumour has it that the Pre-Cyclone Clean Up started many years ago and was a service provided by Neighbourhood Watch for Nightcliff residents only to help them prepare for the upcoming cyclone season.

Now it is a service provided by Council for the whole Darwin municipality (paying a waste levy). We still call it the Pre-Cyclone Clean Up as the main aim of the collection is to make sure your home is free from potential missiles if a cyclone was to form above Darwin.

More Information

Contact our waste team for more Pre-Cyclone Clean-up information

08 8930 0300

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