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Access Tags

To access Shoal Bay, you will require an electronic access tag. One access tag per residential property is available to residential properties that pay the waste levy in Darwin.

tip tag to access Shoal Bay waste management facility dump

About Access Tags

Access tags are a simple and easy way for Darwin households to access the facilities at the Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility. The use of access tags is limited to domestic users only, if you are a commercial operator, you must enter Shoal Bay via the commercial lane on the right (charges may apply).

When arriving at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility, enter through the left (domestic) lane and use your access tag to enter through the boom gate.

Access Tag Eligibility

Your household is eligible for an access tag if you pay the waste levy as part of your rates. You will be provided with free access to the Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility to dispose of domestic quantities of household waste. All residential properties in the Darwin municipality were issued an access tag when the system was introduced in 2007. New properties are issued with a tag when their waste collection service begins.

If you do not live in the Darwin municipality, you can apply for a tag for an annual fee.

Apply for an Access Tag

You can use this application for

  • requesting a replacement tag (for lost or damaged tags)
  • existing properties who require an additional tag
  • households outside the Darwin municipality who would like to access Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility
  • households within the Darwin municipality who do not pay the waste levy but would like to access Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility

Access Tag application form

New and Additional Tags

The tag will be linked to your residential property. Please note that only one tag is allocated per property, but additional tags for the property can be purchased at the current annual fee, details of which can be found at;

2018-2019 Fees and Charges

Access tags are linked to your residential property and should not be used for any other address.

Replacement Tags

A minimal charge will apply for replacement tags. The old tag allocated to your property will be deactivated and no longer be able to be used to access Shoal Bay.

Apply for a replacement tag

Conditions of Use for Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility

When entering Shoal Bay, please note the conditions of use:

  • Only domestic vehicles (sedans, panel vans, station wagons, motorcycles and utes) are able to access the domestic lane.
  • Domestic vehicles are permitted to use connected trailers up to one tonne capacity in the domestic lane.
  • All other vehicles must use the commercial lane and pay the required commercial fee for disposal.
  • The tag is only to be used for the disposal of domestic waste from the property the tag has been issued to.
  • All waste generated from a business, including a home based business, must use the commercial lane and pay the required commercial fee for disposal.
  • Tags are assigned to the property (not the individual) and must remain with the property should occupancy change hands
  • If an access tag is used to dispose of commercial waste, it may be cancelled.


What is an access tag?

An access tag is an electronic key that is coded to allow entry into the Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility. When you arrive at the entrance gate, you will see a box on the driver side of the entry. This is where you need to use the key to open the boom gate. Access tags are often referred to as a tip-tag or tip-key or dump-key.

I just finished building my home, how can I get an access tag?

You will receive your access tag as part of the setup of your waste collection service. Usually access tags will be mailed to you when your collection service begins. If you have not set up your new waste service, you will need to do so before receiving your access tag. 

Access tags are available to new homes in the Darwin municipality who pay the waste levy. View our municipal map to see our boundaries.

I live outside the Darwin municipality, how can I get an access tag for Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility?

You can still apply for an access tag however an annual fee will apply. View our current fees and charges for more details on costs.

Access tag application form

I'm moving house, can I use my existing tag for my new property?

Access tags are attached to the property, not an individual.

Before you move, you should hand over your current access tag to the new resident or real estate agent. If you are moving to a property within the Darwin municipality, you should receive the access tag for that property as part of the handover/settlement. If you have not received the tag for the property, you can apply for a replacement tag (a minimal fee applies).

Why is my access tag not working?

There could be a number of reasons why it no longer works. Some common reasons are

  • the tag was deactivated as you are no longer living at the registered address
  • there may be something wrong with your tag.

Talk to the weighbridge staff at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility or call our Waste Team for more information:

08 8930 0300


Last modified 
08 Jul 2019

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