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Reducing Impact

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We are committed to finding practical and effective ways to address climate change concerns within the municipality. This includes managing climate risks to natural and human systems and the built environment using a combination of sustainable adaptation and mitigation measures.

Darwin has already been affected by climate change as a result of more extreme weather events. If current climate change predictions come to the fore, we will face significant challenges to our built and natural environments.

The predicted effects will increase the

  • Potential for increased extreme rainfall events.
  • Rising sea levels.
  • A greater proportion of cyclones.
  • Increased daily temperature maximums.
  • Continued loss and risk to biodiversity and;
  • Risks of a contaminated water supply through salt water intrusion into fresh water aquifers.

Supporting Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure represents a major investment for City of Darwin and so it is important to ensure that it is designed and constructed to accommodate the predicted effects of climate change.

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Completed Projects

Coastal Erosion

We are responsible for the management of large areas of the Darwin foreshore, including sandy beaches and iconic cliffs. Coastal erosion is an ongoing issue in these areas and is predicted to increase into the future. Management issues along the foreshore include cliff and beach erosion, access issues, overwash and potential seawall failure.

The Coastal Erosion Management Plan was developed in 2013 to help Council prioritise erosion prevention and restoration actions. The main objectives of the management plan are to identify sites and infrastructure that is at risk, assess the processes causing erosion and provide recommendations for coastal engineering based actions to prevent or minimise erosion.

For a copy of the plan please email

Current key activities undertaken by the Council to fight coastal erosion include;

  • Beach shaping after each wet season
  • Redirection of stormwater drainage pipes
  • Installation of rock seawalls.

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