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Sister Cities Program

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We have six Sister Cities around the globe that share historic, social, cultural, and geographical similarities to Darwin.

City of Darwin’s current Sister City relationships are historical and are founded on the global Sister Cities movement.

Through the educational, cultural, professional, economic and humanitarian exchange, it aims to enhance cross-cultural understanding and build vibrant and connected communities and generating mutual benefits for both cities.

Parallel Hearts

City of Darwin's Parallel Hearts project, a Sister Cities audio collaboration between the Indigenous people of Anchorage and Darwin. The project captures the voices of First Nations people from Darwin and Anchorage - the Larrakia and Dena’ina people - and is designed to increase understanding, knowledge and appreciation of Indigenous culture.

ABC radio Darwin will broadcast each episode 3 times a week over a 6 week period, commencing Sunday 15 November.

Listen on ABC Radio

City of Darwin - Ambon | Indonesia

The proximity of Indonesia to Darwin and the large Asian community in Darwin form the foundation of our affiliation. 

City of Darwin - Anchorage | USA

Darwin and Anchorage share more similarities than you may think, apart from being completely opposite in climate, both cities are proud of the rich cultural heritage, and diversity of its population.

City of Darwin - Dili | Timor Leste

As one of Dili's closest neighbours Darwin played a critical role in assisting Dili when violence broke out in 1999, through Government and Non-Government organisational programs.

City of Darwin - Haikou | China

There have been a number of successful education, arts, and cultural exchanges between the two cities. In 2016 Darwin received an Award of Honor for exchanges and cooperation with China at the China International Friendship Cities Conference.

City of Darwin - Kalymnos | Greece

Darwin has an established Greek community, dating back to early 19th century and booming in the 1950s when postwar immigrants arrived to work as sponge divers and on pearling luggers. The majority of Greek immigrants arrived from Kalymnos.

City of Darwin - Milikapiti | Northern Territory


The Milikpaiti agreement still exists today and is activated in times of need between the two locations.


City of Darwin - Friendship Cities

City of Darwin has established friendship city relations with five cities based on historical, cultural, and economic ties as well as strategic partnerships to build connections and understanding between communities for the benefit of the Darwin Community.


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