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Laws and By-Laws

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We are responsible for enforcing the By-Laws that regulate and control set activities within the municipality. In addition we enforce Northern Territory Regulations as required.

For more information on By-Laws and Community Consultations please see the community page Engage for further information  Find out more

The following By-Laws apply within the City of Darwin municipality.

Other legislation which may affect residents comes from the Local Government Act and other Northern Territory Government legislation.

City of Darwin By-Laws

Northern Territory Local Government Act

Northern Territory Regulations

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Council encourages the responsible service and consumption of alcohol in our community.

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Camping or sleeping in any public place within the Darwin municipality is actively discouraged.

Our officers are authorised to enforce a range of traffic regulations within the municipality.

There are regulations in place which require an owner or occupier of untidy allotments to clean up, remove litter, goods and chattels including car bodies, machinery and garden waste.

It is an offence under City of Darwin By-Law 101 to display a vehicle for sale in public place

The Mall and Raintree Park have been declared smoke-free areas.

Under the Information Act (2002) anyone has the right to access information from Northern Territory Government agencies, including councils, subject to a number of exemptions to protect public and private interests.

Flying drones is getting more popular for recreation and business, but did you know that there are rules and regulations that you need to abide by?

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