Fraud Prevention Policy

Through the Strategic Risk Assessment, Council has identified the risks to achieving its Strategic Directions as outlined in Darwin 2030.

Council will work continuously to mitigate those risks, however one of the ways to broadly mitigate those risks is an organisational culture which ensures that effective fraud prevention is an integral part of all Council activities and a core management capability, consistent with the Council’s Code of Conduct for Elected Members and staff, and relevant legislation in accordance with the Australian Standard 8001:2008 Fraud and Corruption Control.

The desired outcomes of this policy are to:

  • Provide strategic guidance to prevent and manage fraud against Council, thereby ensuring that Council can mitigate identified strategic risks.
  • Outline the principles Council follows to prevent fraud.
  • Promote a culture where compliance and awareness are expected, encouraged and supported, with no tolerance for improper conduct or fraudulent activity.

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