Notice to dispose of Public Walkways between Halkitis Court and Sunset Drive Nightcliff (Walkway 239)

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Casuarina Library update

Casuarina Library will be temporarily closed to accommodate building works on the courtyard on Saturday 30 September, Sunday 1 October and Monday 2 October 2023. We will reopen on Tuesday 3 October 2023. The courtyard will be inaccessible for approximately 2-3 weeks. Remember that our Library return chutes are available 24/7. We appreciate your help!

The City of Darwin is proposing to dispose of the walkway between Halkitis Court and Sunset Drive Nightcliff (Walkway 239) following requests from adjacent residents to purchase the land. This walkway has been closed for a number of years as a result of antisocial behaviour and has been assessed not to be reopened in the future. In accordance with section 187 of the Local Government Act Council is required to consult with the community prior to seeking approval from the Minister for Local Government to dispose of the public walkway.


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