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Strategies and Plans

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The Local Government Act 2008 requires Council to have a plan for its area. For the City of Darwin it is called the Municipal Plan. The Municipal Plan must contain a service delivery plan and the Council’s budget. It must also contain, or incorporate by reference any long term plan, community or strategic plan adopted by Council and the Council’s long term financial plan. The municipal plan is essentially the implementation of this strategic direction and is updated annually.

City of Darwin also develops a 10 year strategic plan to set the high level vision for the City.  The Strategic Plan informs Council’s Long Term Financial Plan and Asset Management Plans.  It is the plan that leads all other plans and strategies for Council.

City of Darwin’s Strategic Plan sets the high level vision for Darwin 2030 – City for People. City of Colour.  The Plan outlines the Strategic Directions for Council and has been developed in consultation with the community, business and government stakeholders.

Council has endorsed five...

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