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Overview - Ovals

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Our recreation and sporting ovals help facilitate physical activity participation and contribute to providing a social focus for the community. They cater for a range of regular sports activities, informal recreation and community events.

We currently maintain seventeen public sporting ovals throughout the municipality. These are available for use by sporting organisations, community groups or general public on either a seasonal or casual basis (fees apply).

Booking an Oval

Casual Bookings

For casual or one-off bookings, please contact Customer Services on 8930 0556 or click on the link to the Event Application/Permit form below.

Seasonal and Pre-Season Oval Allocations

Seasonal and pre-season Oval Allocations must be applied for through your sport's Peak Body (eg AFL NT, Football Federation NT, Cricket NT, Softball NT); please contact them in the first instance. (If you are not affiliated with a Peak Sporting Body, please contact Council’s Recreation Services Officer on 8930 0419)

Application packs are sent to the relevant Peak Sporting Bodies six to eight weeks prior to the commencement of each season for distribution to all their clubs.

Dry Season

01 April – 30 September

Wet Season

01 October – 31 March

Each Peak Sporting Body is responsible for the internal co-ordination of allocation requests and to manage any conflicts between clubs.

Bookings may not be shared without the express written prior approval of Council.

Each booking must be made and approved separately. This applies especially but is not limited to the cross-over of pre-season training with existing in-season bookings.

Casual Bookings and Special Events for Seasonal Allocation Holders

All special events and casual bookings to be held on Council Ovals must be applied for separately as they are not covered by Seasonal Oval Allocations. This applies to all clubs even if they have a home ground, and includes but is not limited to sign-on days, fundraisers, pre-season training, etc.

Please contact our Customer Services team on 8930 0556 or view the Event/Application Permit below to make these bookings and complete the associated permit application process.

Event Application/Permit

Fees and Charges (see page 44)

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