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Out and About

Check out Darwin's parks, swimming pools, playgrounds, street food and more!

There's a lot more to Darwin than meets the eye! Before you head out in our city, check out our comprehensive facility search. Whether you're looking for a bike path, taxi rank, playground or even an interactive science trail - it can all be found here.

Check out the works of art throughout the municipality.

All art tells a story. Explore what Darwin has to offer with our interactive map showcasing artworks under our care.

East Point Reserve Interactive Science Trail

10 Trail signs have been installed around East Point to highlight the amazing natural features found throughout the reserve.

Darwin's CBD is alive with cafes, shops, pubs, parks, accommodation and the odd croc!

There is more to Darwin's CBD than you think with new attractions, pop-ups and more. Get out and explore what the city has to offer.

We're activating public spaces around town with our street food program.

Search the latest locations and the food vans on this year's program.

Finding your feet in Darwin? There's plenty of ways to get around our city.

Our cycling and walking paths will help you get around. For longer distances, Darwin is serviced by taxis and buses.

City of Darwin - Secondhand Wonderlands

Save money and the environment!

If you're not already down with the fantastic world of second hand shopping, you are really missing out. We reckon pretty much everything you need can be found second hand, rented or borrowed. 

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