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Cycling and Walking Paths

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Darwin provides a wonderful environment for walking and cycling. It is a particularly attractive city for outdoor activity and the increasing network of shared paths is an added incentive for people to walk and cycle for leisure, exercise and commuting.

We have approximately 70 kilometres of on-road cycleways and dedicated shared paths. Download the Darwin Region Cycling and Walking Map to view the network of cycleways and paths. While all bike paths and footpaths in the Northern Territory are considered ‘shared paths’ (permitting use by pedestrians and cyclists), it is important to remember that pedestrians have right of way.

Please note cycling is not permitted in The Mall.

Cyclists must wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet when riding a bicycle on a road or road-related area. Wearing a helmet is not compulsory for riders over 17 years of age when riding on a path or public place that is separated from the road. However, it is recommended that cyclists wear a helmet at all times.

City of Darwin, in conjunction with the Northern Territory Government and the community, has developed the Darwin Bike Plan, an integrated cycleway strategy for safe and enjoyable cycling throughout the municipality.

Share the Path Campaign

Darwin has some great bike paths, so if you’re out and about remember that the paths are for everyone.

Make sure you are aware of your surrounds, whether you are walking or cycling. Cyclists must use their bell to let walkers know they’re approaching, and walkers should walk on the left to let bikes pass and move off the path if they’re stopping. Dogs must be walked on a leash when on shared paths.

Remember, share the path and use your bell.

Share the Road campaign

Darwin is great for cycling but remember we all have the same rights on the road. This means Cyclists must obey all road rules, use signals, keep to the left and ride predictably.

By the same token, we expect that other road users will treat us the same as they would a car or a truck – give way where appropriate, allow plenty of room when overtaking, and generally just be friendly!!

After all, we are all just going about our business getting from one place to another. It makes it faster, easier and safer for everyone if we share the roads responsibly.

Stay aware, our roads are to share.

End-of-trip Facilities

The Bike Pod - Secure bike parking

Our Chinatown Carpark is home to the Bike Pod, a secure lock-up facility with lockers and showers for those who ride into the city. Visit the Bike Parking page.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle hoops can be found across the municipality at various locations including the Mall, recreation facilities, libraries and markets precincts.

Cycling and Walking Programs

Our Healthy Darwin program has lots of great ideas to get you out and about using our cycling and walking paths including Heart Foundation Walking groups and cycling workshops.

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