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Overview - Parking

There are many options when it comes to parking in Darwin. Much of our CBD parking is managed through timed pay and park Monday to Friday, with FREE untimed parking in ALL zones on weekends and public holidays. 

A courtesy reminder that normal parking fees will apply for Monday to Friday
on-street parking from 6 January 2020.

We hope you enjoyed the free on-street parking provided by City of Darwin
across the CBD from 9 December 2019 to 5 January 2020.

Free Weekend Parking in the CBD!

Did you know? Parking in the CBD is FREE and UNLIMITED all weekend.

All city parking zones have unrestricted parking on weekends and public holidays! This means you can park, enjoy brunch, and finish your shopping without having to worry about returning to your car in time.

When parking in the city centre on weekends, please only park in designated parking bays.

Regulating Traffic and Parking in Darwin

Council Officers are authorised under the Local Government Act to enforce legislation that we are responsible for.

This includes on-street parking regulations. Council enforces on-street parking under the Northern Territory Traffic Act and Northern Territory Traffic Regulations which include the Australian Road Rules.

For a full outline of the Northern Territory Traffic Regulations visit Northern Territory Traffic Regulations.

Last modified 
20 Jan 2020

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