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Stormwater Drains

Council’s stormwater system is made up of around 390km of underground pipes, 68.5km of open unlined drains, 20km of open lined drains, 10,263 pits and 75 culverts.

We provide and maintain a stormwater system that meets the needs our city and environment. We are continually making improvements to our system to manage flooding and safety issues whilst minimising pollutants entering the system.

Protecting Ecosystems

We are committed to protecting the environment and our harbour. We have installed dozens of gross pollutant traps to collect rubbish and prevent it from entering precious ecosystems. New sites for these are continually assessed and traps are installed each year.

Stormwater Plans for New Developments

New developments and subdivisions (other than single dwellings) must supply a stormwater plan for approval to ensure the stormwater will drain effectively and meet Council’s guidelines.

If you would like to connect to Council’s stormwater system please visit our Works Permit page for information to ensure the works are carried out to the correct specifications.

Report an Issue

To report a stormwater drainage problem please use online form or for more information 

08 8930 0300

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