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Dogs at Large

If you witness a dog wandering the streets, please report it as soon as possible as a dog out is a dog at risk, both to itself and others 8930 0600.

What is a Dog at Large?

A dog is considered at large when it is not under effective control. For example, walking the dog off a lead (not in a designated off lead area) or the dog is out roaming free and uncontained.

Reporting a Dog at Large

If you observe a dog at large please report it to Council as soon as possible using online form or calling on

08 8930 0600

Procedure for a Dog at Large

  1. When you report a dog at large, our Regulatory Administration team will ask about details of the dog and the location.
  2. A Ranger will be dispatched to attend and investigate.
  3. If the dog is secured by the Ranger, they will scan the dog for a microchip and see if the dog has any tags.
    1. If the dog has a microchip and a City of Darwin tag visible, and is currently registered with City of Darwin and has no history of being at large, the Ranger will call the owner to return the dog home. The owner will be issued with a dog at large infringement.
    2. If the dog does not have a microchip, a COD tag visible or if the dog has a history of being at large, the dog will be taken to the pound.
  4. If the dog is not secured by the Ranger but the address is known, the Ranger will issue a Dog at Large offence notice and a Dog at Large infringement once sufficient evidence is obtained for example a photo of the dog at large.
  5. If the dog is not sighted by the Ranger and the address is not known, no further action will be taken.

Enforcement – Section 67 Dog at Large

If we receive more reports of a dog at large and sufficient evidence is provided/obtained, we will issue the dog owner a Dog at Large infringement and we will send a ‘show cause’ letter to the dog owner.

In more serious instances the dog will be seized with a warrant. The dog will then be impounded and held for four days. If the owner makes no attempt to contact Council or find an alternate property outside the Darwin municipality, the dog will be rehomed or euthanised.

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