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Overview - Great Pets Start with YOU

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Pets provide us with companionship, lower stress levels, and a sense of security and belonging. There are lots of great reasons to keep a pet.

Council strives to ensure that dogs and cats and their owners and neighbours live together in safety and harmony in the Darwin community. It all comes down to one thing – responsible pet ownership. That’s why Great Pets Start With YOU

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We encourage Darwin pet owners to adhere to four principles of pet ownership.

  • Register and microchip your pets.
  • Desex your pets.
  • Provide training, socialisation, and care for your pets.
  • Do not allow your pet to become a threat or nuisance in the community.

Register and microchip your pet

Lady with dogRegistration and microchipping allow our Animal Management Services to reunite lost pets with their owners with a single phone call.

There is a reduced fee for registering a desexed dog or cat, and registration is free for a dog under 12 months.

Microchipping your pet is a condition of registration which helps Council staff and veterinary clinics return pets that are lost, at large or injured. Go to registration for more information.

Did you know we provide cheaper microchipping fee at the City of Darwin Pound of $35.00 during the business hours?

Desex your pet

man holding pitbullResponsible pet owners ensure their pets are desexed. Not only does desexing surgery prevent dog and cat overpopulation, it also makes for happier pets. Desexed pets enjoy better health and owners notice their pets have improved actions and a reduction in nuisance behaviours such as barking, wandering and fence rushing.

Provide training, socialisation, and care for your pets

Basic obedience training is the first step to a well-socialised pet. A responsible pet owner ensures that their dog does not bite, bark, threaten or chase other animals, vehicles or people.

All cats and dogs require daily care, fresh water, feeding and exercise. Regular grooming, yearly check-ups and a vaccination schedules are important responsibilities that maintain the health of your pets.

Don’t allow your pet to become a threat or a nuisance

Man with high vis with dog on a leashA cat or dog that is out without their owner or out of their owner’s control is considered at large. Cats are not permitted to leave the property at any time. Most council parks, reserves and beaches are off-lead dog exercise areas as long as the dogs are supervised and under effective control.

Dealing with a barking dog in the neighbourhood

It is likely that the dog owner is not aware of the issue. The best way to deal with it is to make the owner aware of the situation before escalating it to a formal complaint with Council. The Dear Dog Owner letter is a friendly way to let the dog owner know their dog’s barking may be causing a nuisance.

If the issue continues, please feel free to contact the City of Darwin Pet Care Help Line

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More Information

For further enquiries and more advice on responsible pet ownership, contact the City of Darwin Pet Care Help Line

08 8930 0606

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